March 28, 2006


Earth to Dompig, come in Dompig. Ok, Gerold. Here's another question for you. What was your country using for radars PRIOR to November 2005?

OTTAWA --- November 28, 2005--Raytheon Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company, has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $12 million (Euro 10 million) by the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Coast Guard of the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba (CGNA&A) to build an integrated coastal surveillance radar network on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, including long-term maintenance and training. The system will enable the precision monitoring of marine traffic in the waters around the Dutch Caribbean. It will be used primarily for search and rescue and drug interdiction, but it will also help combat illegal immigration.

The baseline system consists of eight radar sites equipped with a single command and control center based at the CGNA&A`s rescue and coordination center in Curacao. Each site is composed of a Raytheon Canada Marine Small Target Tracker, Terma Scanter 2001 Radar from Terma of Denmark, wireless communications and physical infrastructure. The command and control center will be provided by HITT Traffic of The Netherlands. "This contract highlights Raytheon`s industry leadership in coastal surveillance, advanced signal processing, and small target tracking technology," said Ron Fisher, president and CEO of Raytheon Canada.

"We`re delighted to team with HITT to create and design this complex system for the coast guard of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Our Waterloo facility has provided strong leadership on this project." Raytheon`s Airspace Management and Homeland Security business area offers a broad range of automation and surveillance systems that are in use today in more than 50 countries around the world. The breadth of Raytheon`s systems includes automation, communication, navigation and surveillance. Products are available to both civil and military markets. Investing in Canada since the 1950s, Raytheon Canada employs 1400 people at multiple sites in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario, serving the aerospace and defense sectors with a broad range of high technology products and services.

Raytheon Company, with 2004 sales of $20.2 billion, is an industry leader in defense and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 80,000 people worldwide.

Hmmm...a U.S. company to boot!


dennisintn said...

it's amazing how their attempts to "rewrite history" are so completely childish. they just naturally assume every word out of their mouths is going to be believed without questioning. they are still treating natalee's family and america in general like this was a stolen wallet case. "a terrible crime and we'll get right on it, don't call us, we'll call you". the check's in the mail. same check that's been in the mail since june l, 2005. still hasn't arrived, and won't arrive tomorrow, but they keep telling us, with total confidence we believe them, that it will definitely arrive tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a working sea radar? No way, we don't know where Dompig got that radar log from. Aruba is a land of liars who knows no shame. They don't have the money to pay Raytheon either. Aruba is a lost cause and they are vanishing into the Caribbean sea and be forgotten as it never existed. How sad!

Anonymous said...

Sex offenders in the Netherlands are walking the streets unpunished.

Of the 15,000 rapes, indecent assaults and so-called "lewd incidents" reported each year, just 1,400 convictions are made, the Justice Ministry's research institute said this week.

The public prosecutor handles only 2,700 cases every year, bringing 63 percent of these to court. In 15 percent of these cases, the suspect is acquitted, compared with 4 percent in general crimes.

The gamble is abundantly clear: rape and sexually assault at will — you are likely to escape conviction.

And what's more, efforts to combat sex abuse get barely a mention in the Dutch government's agenda, given its fixation on terrorism and Islamic extremism. The abused and vulnerable are left abandoned.

Now it's time the tide changed. But how do we fight back?

We must first identify a cause, because rape is at times described as pure violence and power and these elements should not be ignored. Nor should a diverse array of causation factors in child sex abuse be ignored.

But to claim that sex is not part of a crime of sexual abuse is naïve and ignores the very nature of the crime itself: sex.

Should we take preventative action then and ban short skirts and pornography? Or remove erotic billboards that can bring on wanton thoughts?

One reaction was a call for a return to traditional Christian values; to paraphrase: turn off the light and make sex taboo once again.

Or should we go the other way and re-open the street prostitution zone in Amsterdam, perhaps giving frustrated would-be rapists at least some kind of release.

That's not the answer either.

But sex shouldn't be something hushed up. Let's talk about it, enjoy and explore it … and encourage its victims to lodge police reports. There's no shame in being a victim, only society's shame of allowing a victim's silence.

The Netherlands can be proud that the readiness to report sex crimes is slightly higher here than in other countries, which in turn leads to a higher number of recorded offences.

But 75 percent of cases involve a victim and perpetrator who know each other. In more than 50 percent of these cases, it involves a family member or partner, and the remaining cases often involve colleagues, teachers or friends.

More startling is that two-thirds of victims are aged 15 or under — and despite the better-than-average Dutch record, only a small number of all victims lodge police reports.

Abuse strikes at the heart of childhood, the trust of a marriage, the responsibility of profession. And yet it is only the stand-out horrors that grab the headlines.

This is a hidden problem. A taboo.

But where do we have a right, more than anywhere else, to feel safe? It is in our home and our trusted relationships. The vulnerable need our protection, both via prevention and punishment.

Too often it is up to the prosecutor and police to ensure convictions in court, where it is frequently the word of the victim against those of her attacker.

Consider the 13-year-old girl who informed police she was raped in April, May and October 2004, leading to the arrest last month of 17 youths. She might still have to face the suspects in court, despite alleged confessions from some of the suspects.

These 17 are among the 200 youths prosecuted on average each year for gang rapes, a figure that could be much lower than the true number of crimes, the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law warned late last year.

And countless victims, whether abused by adults or youths, are unable to close the door on dark memories; unable to say: "at least he was jailed." (Only 2 percent of sex suspects are women, while 85 percent of victims are female).

So how do we protect women? Our children?

In 25 percent of cases the prosecutor takes on, a lack of "valid evidence" forces an acquittal, so we must shift the weight of evidence in favour of the victims.

We must eliminate their shame and punish perpetrators without mercy to serve as a deterrent.

But most importantly, all teenage boys must be given disciplined education at school outlining the real facts of sex abuse — that he too is a potential future offender and that there is no excuse for abuse.

Stop a rapist young.

11 February 2005

Anonymous said...

Dompig is more like a breast cancer, it starts out with a small node, then grows into a lump. It splits into a cluster and spreads to the other breast and explodes, and destroying the whole body Aruba. All the wicked thoughts of Dompig are raping all the women in the world. He said the partying ladies deserve to be drugged, gangraped and murdered in Aruba because Aruba has no body no crime record. No reasonable Americans going to believe that. Well, the boycott is killing the Aruban economy and the ugly face of the island's underworld are exposed. Aruba is a burning prison in hell.

Anonymous said...

The differences between Dompig and Joran are black and white as they represent themselves, but they are the damn worst liars. The state legislatures are taking the Aruba boycott much more objectively into their fall election agenda. Our federal government are weak and losing control of the rogue states like Aruba, North Korea and Iran. Aruba is the worst for their people teach our two years old kids to lie as bad as Joran. It's making our Americans most worried about their homeland security of American heartland. Terrorists are coming from hardcore liars, Joran, for example, Dompig and Joran are on our most wanted liars list in our border patrol databases worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Look here Michelle and others who blame before searching for the freaking facts!
Aruba's has a radar for about two years now. The same company Raython is the providing company (you don't believe look it up!). The waters Around Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles is a matter of the Kingdom (the Netherlands, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles). About three years ago where we encountered the problem of people arriving in the middle of the night, ilegally, Aruba went into discussion with the Kingdom and asked for cooperation to instal Radars in the Area, where the Respond we got was that, No it's not necessary and we should wait until 2006/2007 when the Kingdom will install Radar's for not only Aruba but all three islands North of Venezuela. My government said no, we can't wait any longer, bc we don't know who these people are that are Washing up on the beaches and besides Aruba cannot be seen as an Miami where thousands of Cubans started to wash up on shores of south Florida and where Cubans rule most of South Florida. Safety is # 1 for Arubans and those who visit the Island and complying with Especially US state-department Rules (LOOK IT UP if you are so SmART!)my government dicided to go against the saying of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles and search for the funding by commercial investors and had three radars installed on the island, which since they were installed drastically stopped the invasion of people in the middle of the night and we now know every move around the island. The government Also installed a special Police forced called Guarda Nos Costa (LOOK IT UP) To protect our beaches and start getting rid of illegals on the island, which is a great succes! When the Kingdom installs their Radars this year or next Year Aruba will join them to make the proteccion of borders a matter of the Kingdom, but until then, Aruba protects it's own.

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance is making you look stupid.Aruba has radars for many reasons, to control illigal boats from comming in late at night with drugs, for controling the hundreds of people that try every night to go there and have a better live (Just like the cubans in Miami). Yes its so good there and safe, that people pay money to risk their lives on the sea in little unsafe boats, to live there. Are there drugs entering, leaving, and going thru the island, offcourse, its everywhere in the world. The funny thing is that most of it goes thru the island and end up in off all places the US, the biggest drug consumming country in the world. Thats why the US is so greatfull of Aruba for fully cooperating with them everyday in stopping drugs from going to the US. The FOL base is there also, maybe you dont know what that is but you can look it up. Also Aruba is one of the few countries in the world that has US preclearance at the airport. Maybe you dont like all off this, but you have to learn to live with it, because its a fact.

Michelle Says So said...

Thanks so much for the info, Julia.

However, I am talking about smaller speedboats such as Koen's father's boat. Something that small could probably go undetected. Or if detected, IGNORED.

I highly doubt that Aruba does too much to control the drug trafficking since it's just as important as U.S. Tourism. You don't think for ONE SECOND that there aren't 'inside people' helping out, supressing information and conspiring for their cut? Drugs can be dropped from a helicopter or thrown off a boat because remember in 48 hours anything floating would come right into Aruba.

Yes, there are dirty cops and dirty people everywhere...but your island messed up. If the investigation would have been done differently and CORRECTLY and certain individuals came clean, then none of this would be happening and we wouldn't be talking about your little corrupt island.

Anonymous said...

What good are those funky radars you Aruban jerks talking about? Who needs them? Our Boycott Aruba are getting strong and serious at every seconds countdown. By the end of summer, your island will become a wasteland of abandoned beaches and corpses because you Dompig rats have no tourists dollars to run your government.

Anonymous said...

Its human nature to judge everybody else the way they act in their own house. Are you an expert in Dutch law and procedures? i dont know im just asking. You cant judge the way things went to the way things are done under us law, it doesnt work that way. Things, we like it or not, have to be done certain way, to be admissable in court, if you dont go by that the case could be thrown out. Did certain thing go wrong? Yes!. Could certain things have been done better? Probably!. That doesnt mean it was done on purpose, or with evil intentions.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it's official.

FBI documents which Greta has shows that Natalee had a serious drinking problem.

At breakfast on vacation should would down 151, Vodka and Rum.

Come on, guys, Juron is an angel compared to Natalee.

Let's get the story straight.

Anonymous said...

I would not say that Joran is an angel compared to Natalee, because he isnt