March 16, 2006


Hat Tip: Getagrip

ARUBA – From the interlocutory injunction in the damages case of the family Van der Sloot it is understood that the Public Prosecutor (OM) expects to wind up the preliminary investigation in the Holloway-case this month.

Without insight into the criminal preliminary investigation, the judge does not want give a verdict. The file of the criminal preliminary investigation can only be released to the judge when the investigation is wound up.

The family Van der Sloot claims 531.000 florins (USD$296,648). The family indicated that the compensation for emotional damages as the result of the criminal preliminary investigation on Joran as well as on his father Paul van der Sloot is 350.000 florins USD$195,531 and the material damages 144.000 ($80,447), an additional 25.000 florins ($13,966) due to means of coercion, and 11.935 florins ($6,668) in legal costs. According to the OM, 25.000 florins ($13,966) compensation is enough for the family. (I would have given them 1 cent as nominal compensation just as a slap in the face of their arrogance.)

During the hearing in January, an important question was whether the judge should be acquainted with the entire file in order to decide on the claim for damages. The OM indicated then that the entire file will be made available in March and that shortly after that, they will decide on further persecution.

The judge decided to wait for this, especially because Joran is also one of the claimants. The criminal preliminary investigation against him is still open. Based on the file, the judge also wants to be able to determine whether ‘other means of coercion’ are applied and if those have caused damages, like the family says.

The judge decided first that only Paul van der Sloot would possibly qualify for damages, but the Court of Appeals decided that all the five members of the family can qualify for damages.


Waking_up_alive said...

I don't know how much more I can take.
Maybe all of Natalee's mom supporters should decend on Aruba at the same time.
And take all the people who are guilty of torturing Natale's mom.
And bring them to the usa,to face charges for torture.
If anyone think's that Natalee's mom has not been tourtered.
You are mistaken!

dennisintn said...

o.k. as we have been told many, many times, i don't understand the aruban perception of dutch law. what are the material damages mentioned, and what does "due to means of coercion" mean?

i personally think the case should be thrown out of court, and the vds' sued by the govt. and businesses for their expenses and lost revenue due to the actions of jvds and pvds.

Anonymous said...

Anita vds should be sued for wearing that god-awful, see-thru top in that one photo of Paulus, Anita, and Joran.

Anonymous said...

Joe Taco should be sued for his overuse of Grecian formula.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope OJ doesn't read here.

It might give him some ideas.

Perhaps he can hire pvds as his attorney. He can sue the state of California -- OJ vs the Terminator.

Heck, he can sue the whole USA (except for Florida, because we let him live here).

Does anyone think this is what was intended when the profession of 'attorney' was established?

Sue said...

It must be very stressful to have to remember all those lies

Brown Sugar said...

Stress causes sweating...remember when Paulus was dripping wet when Beth came to his house? HA HA...

Anonymous said...

Well, you seem to be emotionally damaged by the Holloway disappearance, why should the VDS family?

Being thrown in jail without charges is enough to cause emotional damage.

The Twittys and Holloways are looking for payment in their lawsuit - and they will want to get paid, regardless of their protests to the contrary.

Michelle said...

They aren't looking for payment. They are looking for justice. It's called "out of principle". Ever heard of it?

dennisintn said...

the only dumber lawsuit i've ever heard of was the man who bought a new winnebago. he started out on a trip, set the speed control feature and got up to make a pot of coffee. he survived the wreck and sue winnebago because the salesman didn't tell him the speed control was only to control the speed. he thought it was like auto-pilot.

kristen califari said...

I'm just grateful that both sides are finally being told. It's about time. Why hasn't Beth or Dave been on TV lately? I guess it's the threat of a countersuit, huh? Joe Tacopina seems to be a real bulldog, just what the VDS family needs. He's definitely not afraid to speak out. That's my favorite type of lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Arubian and it hurts me to see each time what people write about my island
They seem to forget how we helped that family all the way, they stayed in hotel for free, got transportation for free etc. I remember even a company renting quads lending her the quads for free so THEY could search for Natalee but then beth says on tv that nobody was helping her. Almost every night she was to be found in the casino's gambling playing big money. ( She sat even beside me once )
We are truly sorry this happened and we did and are still doing our best in helping to find Natalee
But all you can think about is bad mouthing Aruba !!!!!!!!!!