March 09, 2006


This will not be a quick legal battle. There are MANY ways to stall a final ruling by the judge. Unless the Plaintiff’s Motion to Objection to Dismissal is and denied with prejudice.

Forbes--The lawyer for a Dutch youth questioned in the disappearance of a young Alabama woman in Aruba moved on Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by her parents.

Attorney Joseph Tacopina filed papers on behalf of Joran van der Sloot and his father, saying the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan, should be thrown out because the case has no connection to New York.

State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Kapnick agreed to hear arguments on the motion on May 17.


Anonymous said...

You bet there is a connection. NYC Manhattan Island in essence is a Paradise Lost and Found after the 9/11 terrorists attack. Now the Big Apple is coming back and blooming, and has become once again the Top #1 tourists must stopover spot for all the world travellers. Over 60% of NYC economy are generated by the tourists industries. NYC just can't afford to allow another 5/30 sex predators attack. Joran is a suspected rapist and murderer from Aruba. He accepted bribes from ABC to come to NYC to spread his lies about a missing American teenager and promoting his horrifying teaching of "No Body, No Crime" so as to enbolden the rapists and murderers now ravaging our dearest and beloved NYC. Joran brings harms and disturbance and uncomfortness to the citizens of NYC by his inconsistances of lyings in his Aruban beach stories, and scaring away the prospective tourists from America wanting to visit Aruban beaches, thus destroying the good will and tourists business between those two great countries USA and Aruba. The civil lawsuit is the correct way to deal with Joran and put him under oath to tell the truth about our missing American teenager in Aruba on 5/30/2005. NYC has the absolute jurisdiction over Joran since he has accepted a sizable bribe from ABC in NYC on our soil for the PrimeTime Interview.

Sue said...

Well THANK GOD a Judge will hear the case and didnt rule from the bench.. this case has to go forward it just has to

Anonymous said... has a pretty good summary of the case.

Anonymous said...

I believe ABC said that they did not pay Joran for this interview. They only paid for the transportation and motel so he and family could come over here and do the interview.