April 24, 2006


Now Michael joins in...blaming the victim...and not to mention all the other Americans that come to Aruba who get drunk. So, I guess everyone who gets assaulted by your "PIMP" gang deserved it, right? Michael, you are scum.

Go ahead and sue me...and your daddy too.

You are ALL LIARS!!!

Thanks Getagrip

ORANJESTAD(AAN)— The detainee, Geoffrey, was talking of having information and also of having information about Natalee’s disappearance.

The young Domping also stated on FOX that Geoffrey seemed to have a drug problem and that he was removed from the security company due to behavioral problems. According to the show, the lady who conducted the interview said that Joran’s mom let it be known that there is much speculation surrounding this case.

But in another interview with Michael Dompig, he said to have heard that Geoffrey lied saying that he has not seen Michael for many months and that he that he doesn’t like going out with Michael, which is very false. According to Michael, he bumps into Geoffrey all the time, he follows him asking him where he’s going and to go out, etc. “If he lied about small details, he will lie about anything”, he said.

About the case itself, he said that if there was enough evidence which could reveal that they were involved, they would still be in prison. Police in Aruba have done a very good job, and they would have these youngsters detained of there was enough evidence, he said in response to a question in regards to Natalee’s case.

Asked about Aruba’s youth are saying about the disappearance, he explained that many are commenting that Natalee ran away from home so that her parents won’t find her, and also there are some who believe that she died, possibly by overdose of drugs and alcohol. “If you stay here and go to Carlos n Charlie’s, you would observe that all the young girls of 15 and 16 years of age from the US go there and abuse alcohol. They use any drugs that they find. They become lazy and finding little freedom, finally they abuse of this”, he commented.

Michael also said that Aruba is small and if someone killed Natalee, this would come to light. Everyone knows everyone and everyone sees everyone. For now, they would know already who did what. It has come to the point that the island has to defend itself because everyone wants to boycott Aruba.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows everyone, well I'll be damn. Could swear that all along Joe T and Anita and the rest of the bunch insisted that they don't know anybody.
But then out of the horse's mouth, I mean Anita, she tells KG that it's a small community and everybody knows each other. Can't get those little ole lies straight eh?

Anonymous said...

Now there's a good comment by Michael Dompig. If he lies about small things he will lie about anything too bad he don't apply that to everyone in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

My what a web of lies being woven in Aruba.

You can tell when they lie their lips move.

Anonymous said...

Aruba provides the destination, the drugs and alcohol for the american tourtists of any age, it seems. They also seem to be supplying the murderers and rapists too and those are thrown in the destination package for free. Their attitude seems to be you've got to give the tourists what they ask for.What we ask for is our Natalee Holloway back and the rapists murderers punished, that's what we have been asking since Natalee went missing . Yes, Michael D. you are right they all lie including your paps and probably you. I guess Michael knows of what he speaks, lazy is as lazy does.

blackhawk said...

Yeh Mike D. Everyone knows everyone on Aruba..except of course Joron,Deepak,Satish,an Steve Croes and maybe Freddy and GVC...Man I gotta thank you though for letting the entire WORLD know how 15 and 16 year old girls can come to ARUBA and go to CARLOS&CHARLIES and get served BOOZE and get DRUGS...Wow all we have to do is go to CARLOS and CHARLIES and we can witness that first hand...Mike does your Daddy know about this situation where underage girls can do this so openly and freely with no problem from the ALE...Grin..where your daddy is a big time chief...or would that hurt tourism if he started busting people and putting them in jail...Whats more important Mike?? Human being or Money?? Did your daddy tell you to shut the hell up Mike because your not helping him...all you did was expose more problems with the ALE...You know underage girls are getting booze and drugs and so does ALE..BUT no one has been busted for it...WHY????? I'll tell you why..Simple...You start busting tourist for underage drinking and illegal narcotics and the word will get out..DON'T GO TO ARUBA..The kids will find a different place to party until ""Something bad happens there to"" Parents the island of Aruba is not the place to send your children!!!

Anonymous said...

Dennise here and never in Aruba.

So this jerk little pathetic person thinks underage girls "get drunk" but he doesn't have the balls to say that jerks such as himself who can't get a sober woman to look his way.. Pay for the drinks and illegally serve the girls? pissant.

And the "find" drugs. In all my time, I've never "found" drugs.

Listen up you pissant, you drug pusher, you fool, truly I say unto you, you will have your rewards.

Only a loser little boy needs to ply young girls with drugs and alcohol.

May you rot in the hell you call home.