April 12, 2006


ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Aruba police said Tuesday they were looking for a man who allegedly harassed a woman on a beach in this Dutch Caribbean island nine days before American teenager Natalee Holloway went missing.

A tourist reported that a man, in his 20s, harassed her on the same beach where a Dutch youth says he dropped off Holloway the night she disappeared, police

Commissioner Adolf Richardson told "Tracking Requested," a Dutch program that re-enacted Holloway's known final hours in Aruba and aired Tuesday in the island and the Netherlands. "We have no concrete proof that this incident has any relation to Natalee's disappearance, but we cannot completely disregard this either," Richardson said.

...The Dutch program also highlighted three tips that police had earlier received and wanted more information about: three boys who were spotted with a shovel on the island's north side on May 30, a man who called on Dec. 31 a nightclub that Holloway visited the night she disappeared and said he knew she had been buried; and the sighting of a gray Honda Civic at a salt pond on May 30, which prompted authorities to empty the pond. One of the three young men who had been arrested and released has a gray Honda Civic.

The prosecutor's office did not return phone calls on Tuesday seeking comment on the program. Netherlands police and Aruban authorities have scoured sand dunes and a beach in the island's north in their search for Holloway.


Leni Patton said...

As of this (thursday)morning there are 4 additional women who are complaining about being grabbed or harassed by this unsub. Joe and Adolpho had a many meetings over the last few days and word from from detectives is that Joran is NO longer a suspect. "We're proceeding in a different direction" Tacopina met with the 3 alleged girls that complained about Joran, they all deny anything happened but say they were offered cash to testify from a certain newspaper man. Joe Tacopina is the best thing that ever happened to Joran. I live in Aruba and think he probably has something to do with it, but it seems Joran and his lawyer have turned the public opinion for Joran not against. Adolpho, Joe, Les and Paul have had dinner and then beers together 2 nights straight. There was alot of laughing and patting each other on the back. Joe Tacopina may be the Van der Sloots savior!

Anonymous said...


ahaha! Joe Tacopina doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
I see Michelle Collet of the loser refugees(gag) is chasing Tacopina cuz he's just so good looking (GAG)
Joran killed Natalee because she told him NO! Sue me Joe, sue me!!!