May 10, 2006


Does this company still work with Aruba? If so, they are choosing money over corruption, cover-ups, and the principle. Natalee is an Alabama citizen, which is where this company is located.

B.L. Harbert International

A Message From the President and CEO

Throughout the years, we have concerned ourselves with the interests of our clients. By dedicating a team that is attentive to the needs of each project, we are able to consistently provide the quality workmanship that is expected of B.L. Harbert International - quality workmanship that we also expect of ourselves.

We demand a lot of ourselves. We are in a business that is immensely satisfying and it is essential for us that each project - from start to finish - is approached with the same concern that we would have if we were building it for ourselves.

In essence, we are building for ourselves. Therefore, we empower our employees to take ownership of every project, and our projects are done right - the first time. With our tremendously diverse worldwide experience, we have been able to establish an enviable reputation for being an outstanding contractor.

However, we know that reputation alone will not maintain the confidence that others have in us. For that reason, job-by-job and year-by-year we will strive to continue the exceptional performance that enables us to provide quality workmanship for clients and owners worldwide.

Billy L. Harbert
President & CEO

B. L. Harbert International
P.O. Box 531390

Birmingham, Alabama 35253

phone (205) 802-2800


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Anonymous said...

Some summer intern law students started looking into the reasons why Joe T did not seek local Aruban Notary for his local Aruban citizens' affidavits. Were there some correlations to wrong doings?

Anonymous said...

Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club: Discount hotel reservations for the Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club. Save up to 70% on rooms in Aruba. Thought the New York headquarter put the construction projects on hold indefinitely until the Joran's trial is over.

Anonymous said...

The summer intern law students asked the New York Notary Commision to disclose the client log of the 21st Day of April 2006 by Jane L. Kent, Notary Public. The exact timestamp record will allow the investigators to determine whether or not there was enough time lapse for Rosemarie Arnold in New Jersey on 4/21/06 to travel to Aruba to meet Karen Martina on 4/22/06.

Anonymous said...

... 210.45 of the NYS Penal Law, it is a crime. punishable as a Class "A" misdemeanor to knowingly make a false statement ... application to the WCTLC for notarization PDF FILES/373 DRIVER RENEWAL APP.pdf - 36k - View as

Looks like Joe Tacopina and Rosemarie Arnold have some problems with their affidavits notarizations.

Anonymous said...

Joe T uses the wrong case law instance in his filings. Natalee's disappearance is not political in nature. It relates to Joran's "unclean hands" or suspected criminal activities, and Aruba is covering up the crime and is holding Natalee as a "hostage" who establishes the nexus between Aruba and the United States, and thereof New York City. Please read the following case law summary.
Fastcase: Islamic Republic of Iran v. Pahlavi, 455 N.Y.S.2d 987, 116 Misc.2d 590 (N.Y.Sup., 1982) The following is a portion of the document you requested. Please subscribe to view the entire
document. Page 987 455 N.Y.S.2d 987 116 Misc.2d 590 ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, Plaintiff, v. Ashraf PAHLAVI, Defendant. Supreme Court, Special Term, New York County, Part I. Nov. 12, 1982.
Page 988 O'Dwyer & Bernstien, New York City, for plaintiff. Boyle, Vogeler, Stebbings & Tiernan, New York City, for defendant. Thomas S. Martin, Acting Asst. Atty. Gen., Civ. Div., Dept. of Justice, Washington, D.C., and John S. Martin, Jr., U.S. Atty., New York City, for the U.S. ARNOLD GUY FRAIMAN, Justice: This is an action by the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Government of Iran), against Ashraf Pahlavi, the sister of the late Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, formerly the Shah of Iran. As the Shah, Pahlavi was the head of the government of the Empire of Iran. By its complaint, described more fully below, plaintiff seeks equitable relief and money damages for defendant's alleged violation of fiduciary obligations imposed upon her by the law of Iran. In essence, it is alleged that defendant and the Shah diverted to their own use funds and property belonging to the government and people of Iran. Defendant moves to dismiss the complaint on the ground that the court lacks jurisdiction
of the subject matter of the complaint because the action involves political questions which are not subject to judicial resolution; on the further ground that plaintiff comes in to court with "unclean hands"; and finally, on the ground of forum non conveniens. Consideration of these defenses requires a review of the events leading up to this litigation. On January 16, 1979, following a period of political unrest, the Shah left Iran. In February 1979, the Empire was overthrown and was replaced by the present government which is the plaintiff in this action. Upon the Government of Iran's accession to power and continually thereafter, representatives of the government publicly called for the return of the Shah and members of his immediate family to Iran to stand trial for alleged crimes
against the Iranian people; for the execution of the Shah and his family; and for the return to Iran of property the Shah and his family had allegedly stolen. On October 22, 1979, the Shah was admitted to the United States from Mexico for medical treatment. On November 4, 1979, the United States Embassy in Tehran was taken over by militant Iranian students and 66 Americans were seized as
hostages. The students announced that the imprisoned Americans would be held until the United States returned the Shah to Iran for trial. The Government of Iran thereafter endorsed the actions of
the students and indicated that the United States would not only have to return the Shah to Iran, but must also return all of his wealth in order to obtain the release of the hostages. 52 of the original 66 hostages...