May 15, 2006


From Scared Monkeys

The Aruba Parliament met last Wednesday all day and until late in the evening to discuss the redistribution of Ministerial portfolios. Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes, after the redistribution was completed, turned out to be the “victim” of the process with a practically empty portfolio.

The meeting, as was to be expected, did not go without the usual accusations between the Government and opposition parties. The discussions at certain moments were very [politically] emotional.

Several Parliament members expressed their pros and cons for the redistribution, where opposition parties AVP, MPA and RED were against the proposed distribution, and the MEP members (majority) were in favor.

The hottest topic of the meeting was the fact that the responsibility for foreigners affairs, admission policy and integration were removed from the Minister of Justice and placed with the Minister of Public Health & Environment. Another topic was the placement of the responsibility for Education with Minister Marisol Lopez-Tromp who is already in charge of Social Affairs and Infrastructure which are considered to be “heavy” portfolios. Opposition parties questioned whether Minister Lopez-Tromp is able to dedicate attention to Education as it deserves.

During the public Parliament meeting the Ministers Rudy Croes, Candelario Wever, and Marisol Lopez-Tromp were present in the meeting together with Prime Minister Oduber.

The “cold” attitude of Minister Rudy Croes (Justice) towards his colleague Ministers and Parliament members of MEP was noticeable. This is possibly because of the mistrust shown by his party colleagues as to his capabilities to handle certain portfolios. Rudy Croes did not attend the second part of the meeting and was represented by his replacement Minister Wever.

The MEP fraction members at not time during the meeting had any words of defense for Minister Rudy Croes but rather spoke only about the redistribution of portfolios.

Presently many [political] rumors and speculations are going around. One is that Minister Rudy Croes will soon resign, but this could not be confirmed, although a MEP fraction member said that there are problems with Rudy Croes. Another rumor is that Rudy Croes will be replaced by his niece Evelyn Croes, but on the other hand it is known that Evelyn Croes has certain problems with Minister Nilo Swaen however that MEP will have no problems in requesting Swaen to make way for Evelyn Croes, because of the many financial measures that he is planning to introduce.

The conclusion is that Minister Rudy Croes is the big loser of the entire redistribution of portfolios, having remained in charge of only Police, Public Prosecutor and Legal Affairs. Minister Rudy Croes is victim of redistribution of portfolios?


blackhawk said...

I can't believe he is still in charge of the police,public prosecutor and legal affairs which means he can still muddy things up...And he is gonna be replace by his niece?? Wow,thats brilliant i'm sure she won't try to cover for her relative..yeh right...Aruba govt.,you guys are still stinking up the island...your robbing peter to pay won't work Dudes!! I guess thats all you can expect out of Aruba...The one thing you won't ever get is the TRUTH!!

Anonymous said...

JoeT was suspicious. He might have tried to get hold of some false documents in Aruba. The cab drivers could point out where he went. Jossy is going to expose JoeT's sightings tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The New York City Bar Association don't support the Forum Non Conveniens. Here is the link,

Anonymous said...

Most likely the Judge will let the civil case go forward. Natalee is a woman. The notion of protecting our women aboard preempts any Forum Non Conveniens. Is that simple? By the way, Joe Tacopina never shows any respect to Natalee wherever he goes. That is his punishment.

KatzHome said...

The Monkeys are covering this day with 24 Hours of Prayer.

Pray for Natalee's return and for comfort and strength for her family and friends anf for all who are helping them.

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