May 04, 2006


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Diario's Leaked Documents and Jossy's Commentary

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – More and more documents and information on the case of Natalee continue to come to light and in one of the reports that have leaked, readers themselves could read in yesterday’s DIARIO edition how Joran van der Sloot was talking, thinking, assuming, etc. and that he let people think or at the very least created the impression that it was Deepak who did something bad to Natalee on the day that Joran supposedly left Natalee sleeping on the beach.

Meanwhile, other police documentation leans in the direction that it is Joran van der Sloot himself who is the one how could or had to know what happened with Natalee, because he was the last person to be with her.

Why did Joran van der Sloot create the impression or in an indirect way point towards (you can say here accused?) Deepak Kalpoe, that it was Deepak who could have done something to Natalee?

Copies of documents that are reproduced in today’s edition show where it came from, that Joran fingered Deepak and this is based on declarations that Joran made to police, be they signed or not, they are police documents on Natalee’s case.

The strange thing about this whole case is that at first, the Kalpoe brothers along with Joran van der Sloot, joined together to come up with a made up story that they dropped Natalee off at the Holiday Inn, to later all three changing their version; but during the days of interrogation, the three were going against each other, the Kalpoes accusing and insinuating certain things in Joran’s direction and Joran in the Kalpoes’ direction, especially in Deepak’s direction.

The question now is, if at the beginning the three were such good friends with each other that they went as far as to lie to police in a case where there was a suspicion that a criminal offense had taken place, then the three put themselves in a position that all three could face criminal charges, then what did they have to hide and why the radical change?

A friend of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers stated to police that neither Joran nor the Kalpoes are capable of doing anything bad to anyway, and for this he would put his hand to the fire for all three; well, today everyone can see and read how Joran himself insinuated, thought, believed that it was Deepak Kalpoe who could have raped and killed Natalee.

By the way, in the declaration published yesterday, it was already mentioned that Joran believes that Deepak buried Natalee near the wall of the Fisherman’s Hut!

When would someone normally be buried? When the person is dead, and not alive?! How would people have the courage and can live with themselves if they have buried a person alive? Why was Natalee supposedly buried? Because she died for whatever reason or because she was killed?

In one of the reports, Joran says the following: “I have a suspicion that Deepak went back to where the girl was (referring to Natalee who would have remained at the Fisherman’s Hut)”.

“I know how he thinks”. “From something that happened in the past at the Internet Café where Deepak works, I believe that he is capable of rape (sexual violation)”. “Satish, I don’t know.”

Joran van der Sloot gave this declaration on June 29, 2005. On June 30, 2005, Joran’s version changed again, although he repeated again the matter that Deepak had said to Joran that he wanted to rape a girl that was at the Internet Cafe where Deepak worked.

While these two suspects were being transported to KIA after the June 30, 2005, interrogation, Joran again repeated the same matter of the rape.

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