May 05, 2006


Cold, calculated lies and faked ignorance

Tito Lacle

This is an old post I found on SM from August. Tito Lacle of Aruba Today answers questions to the SM members...sometimes talking out of his ass, sometimes pretending that things are being 'looked into', but mostly extremely vague. In my opinion his interview served no purpose. What do you get when you work for Leatherface Julia Renfro?

Of course he's not going to give hints or spill the beans. They are all liars in Aruba. I compare it to the Mafia...everyone involved keeps their mouth shut, and if someone knows something and has tipped off others; ironically that individual either commits suicide, drowns, or just 'disappears'.

The use of fear, scare-tactics and intimidation are second nature to them. No regard for anyone's life. Only if it involves a pay off.

Tito Lacle of Aruba Today; Cross-Fire Scared Monkey Style (Part1)

August, 2005

The following is the first of a three part segment of a questions and answers session from last night’s Tito Lacle’s, Aruba Today, visit to Scared Monkeys. Tito, who was so kind to have come on Scared Monkeys last night and take some questions in the Monkey cage. He was also gracious enough to answer many follow up questions. Scared Monkeys thanks Tito for his time and insight into the Natalee Holloway case.

  • What resulted in investigation into beheading/Columbian necktie? Was anyone charged?

Tito: Not familiar with that case.

  • What of missing Columbian reporter Sergio Gomez whose truck was found abandoned? (and the family said they thought Sergio left willingly but knew not where he was.)

Tito: Working on that one.

  • Is the manager of the excelsior casino missing also or on vacation?

Tito: He left the Island but reasons unknown...he also owns a couple of other places on the Island. His name is Michael Posner.

  • Does/did Joran have open credit at one or more island casinos?

Tito: He frequented casinos.

  • Do you know if Steve C. is still working at C&C’s?

Tito: Steve worked at Mi Dushi and Tattoo. He frequents C&C. Will check if he works at C&C since he was fired from Tattoo after he was arrested.

  • What is your gut feeling for the outcome of this whole convoluted mess. And sort of OT how does he handle his new celebrity status?

Tito: This case...they will never find Natalee (Why? Because she may have been incinerated?) They might solve it. Are they talking about my celebrity status...didn't know I had one.

  • Are you aware of any Lorenzo’s involving the case? There is an alleged Lorenzo from Holland (now lives in Aruba) that might have eaten dinner with Natalee during her trip to Aruba. Allegedly, he’s around 27 and might have something to do with drugs…

Tito: He left for Holland.. If his name is Wever, that is... (Yoland Wever owns the newly financed crematorium that PVDS approved.)

  • Are Arubans aware of Jug’s letter to Al. Congress disagreeing with any boycott? If so what is the general feeling about Jug having written the letter?

Tito: The letter was published today in most local newspapers, so yes. The Arubans are aware of this letter.

  • When Mickey John was arrested he told me that 14 LE showed up at his house including Jan Van der stratten… this common for van der stratten and 14 ALE to go arrest one man?

Tito: Yes...he is. He was at all the arrests. He headed the case and was present at all arrests.

  • Have you heard of the shango posts? Would love to know how you feel about dirty hands and the sacrificial lamb.

Tito: Unknown to me

  • What are your thoughts of the fabric pictures and the relevancy to the case?

Tito: Have seen it before...but I don't believe it to be of any substance. But...we have to wait. Forwarded to authorities...crazy. I will let you know. (Sure you will...)

  • One thing that I have always been curious about is the fact that the Aruban LE stated their reasoning for not immediately questioning Joran, Deepak & Satish was that they wanted to keep them under surveillance to see if they could get more information on Natalee’s disappearance. Do you have any idea why they did not treat the 2 security guards in the same manner, but instead, immediately arrested them and confiscated things they thought might have held evidence of their guilt in Natalee’s disappearance?

: Good question..the arrests of the security guards was based on false statements by the three suspects. They later apologized to the man for having him involved in this.

  • We heard early on around June 11th that one of the boys had confessed to the murder of Natalee and that this boy would be taking ALE to the place where her body was. A few hours later we were told that this was a false statement. Can you clarify what exactly happened concerning this?

Tito: They did give this statement...Joran confessed or said that and it was on the record. He later changed the story.

  • If Natalee did die –could she have been put in one of the big hotel freezers until she could be moved—has that been researched?

Tito: Unlikely

  • What do you think of the information on this case from the National Enquirer???

Tito: Didn't even touch that one...

  • Was that whole missing shoe/shoes thing real or a red herring???

Tito: Police had a tip on the missing shoe..they thought it was a valid tip and used it. Didn't find anything though.

  • On August 2nd, Greta gave an interview with Police Lt Rudy Soemers, night watch commander. During that interview, Soemers told Greta that he believed Natalee left the island voluntarily and that she is alive. Last night, you mentioned what authorities believe was the second possible scenario of Natalee’s disappearance (died, then dumped in ocean). Going back to Soemer’s interview, would you say that other Aruban authorities concur with Soemer’s opinion - that Natalee left the island? If this is indeed what the majority believe, is that why we see little involvement in the landfill search? Do you know who the night watch commander was on the night/morning Natalee went missing? Was it Soemers, or can you give us the name or any info about who was on duty that night? The reason I ask is that there is some prevailing thought/rumor that Paul called whoever was the night watch commander on duty that morning.

Tito: There are phone records but had that been true, Paul would probably not be free today. He was detained based on information he gave his son...and interpretations hereafter. (Also on complicity of murder, kidnapping, etc...forget that one Tito?)

  • The search at the VDS home, did they use cadaver dogs, do you know?

Tito: They used one cadaver dog.

  • If anything, this case has seemed to expose a perceived problem with underage drinking and gambling in Aruba. Do you feel (or has there been any attention paid to before this case) that there is a growing problem with juvenile delinquency on your island because of this, and what have the Aruban LE done to require establishments to enforce such laws in the future.

Tito: Yes it has. Authorities are cracking every place that violates that law.

  • Now that Jan Van Der Straaten is no longer working this case can he be questioned in any way regarding any aspect of this case? If so, can his statements be presented as evidence by way of a summons to appear in court to provide those statements under oath?

Tito: Unlikely. He was part of the investigation.

  • Any chance of your paper doing a write to the editor questions which Natalee’s family would respond to in the paper? This would be like the radio interview that Paul Reynolds did. It may or may not help communications & understanding for all involved. Just a thought.

Tito: We have interviewed both the family members and those statements have been published in the Aruba Today sister paper, Bon Dia Aruba.


Anonymous said...

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TANYA said...


Anonymous said...

China wants to develop South America into the second largest economy in the world and solve the worldwide problems of proverty and hunger. With the infrastrutures
basics already established in Aruba, China thinks they can do
it with great success. However, China thinks Joran is the No.
1 problem -- the injustice he placed on Natalee. Without that
issue resolved in May 17, Aruba's reputation for stability is
tarnished and damaged forever. That ALE handicap will prevent from further consideration for heavy investments on the island's economy by China. China always believes a good honest name is essential to the truth in justifying a huge lending and investments in market and jobs developments for Aruba. In a nutshell, the whole world
including Holland, Aruba, United States, China, Japan and all
the South American countries are setting the tremendous pressure on Joran to come clean and tell the truth concerning the whereabout of Natalee on the May 17 civil case trial.

Anonymous said...

Why does not someone lawyer up the two black men to sue the three liers? if paul can sue, so can the 2 security guards.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese banker promises Anita a million US dollars as the endownment money when Joran decides to marry his daughter. The gift money card will be delivered in a traditional Chinese "Litle Red Envelope". Currently Joran has four girlfriends in four continents: Aruba, Holland, United States and Australia. Anita demands Joran to give it up on May 17, she doesn't think Joran will get 15 years. Joran will be in China, becoming a Chinese citizen, working for his future father-in-law in his international banking business.

Anonymous said...

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