May 04, 2006


This is old news, but as some of you know, I like to revist the past. Just to put things in perspective.

Check out this website...No crime reports received from Aruba from 1995-2006. Go figure?

"This report listing is intended to provide easy access to the data obtained through the Safety and Security net on a daily basis. This may be an indication of your relative safety or need for extra precautions. Sometimes the events come in cycles. There may be one person causing the problem and then he gets caught. Voila, no problems until he gets out of jail. We must also realize that many incidents may go unreported for various reasons. We will attempt to update these pages monthly."

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Anonymous said...

That is going to change once the Chinese investments is in place. The HONG KONG LAW ENFORCEMENT is the best of the best in the world for an island size of police administration. HKLE has the most anti-corruption division to do the watchdog on the police behavior. The ACD directly reports to the SAR (Special Autonomous Region) Aministrtor supported by the Chinese central government. The political and economics setup of Hong Kong is very similar to the relatioships between Aruba and Holland. Odubar will implement the Hong Kong Police Model to the ALE and a 360 degree of shakeup. The police consultants from HK will help to find Natalee soon and hope to bring Natalee home as soon as possile. Due to the lucrative econoimcs contracts Odubar is going to sign on, the good name of Aruba is included in the agreements and it becomes mandatory to exercise. That mutual agreement means Aruba has to clear Joran's suspected activities by all means with no exceptions on the island, and Aruba has to find Natalee and return her home for closure ASAP. The plan to tear down the old police building and build a new modern effective police force to serve the American and Chinese tourists.