June 12, 2006


ARUBA – The Strategic Communication Task Force indicated that Gerold Dompig voluntarily resigned his post as managing the investigation on the disappeared Natalee Holloway. The Public Prosecutor mentioned that the Dutch investigation team has not found anything in the Holloway case. The team is meanwhile back in the Netherlands.

The Task Force says that Dompig’s decision to resign was a combination of factors. One of them was the media’s criticism in the Netherlands, Aruba, and the United States on the statements he made about the progress of the investigation. And, even more important, the case is now entering a critical, analytic phase, (critical phase...hmmm...sounds familiar.) which is especially the expertise of Dompig’s substitute Dolfi Richardson.

Dompig stays with the Corps and will continue providing Richardson with advice (Dompig with advice? I think I'd pass on that...) on the case. The search of the Dutch specialists was unsuccessful. They used dead body search dogs, ground radar, and metal detectors to find Holloway’s body. The police together with analysts and under leadership of Richardson are reviewing the whole case. The investigation on the missing Holloway continues.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Of note, on http://www.scaredmonkeys.com, please note a new recent initiative generated by Holland that suggests that Aruba turn over authoritiy in law enforcement: see todays' post " Holland Does Not Appear Happy with Caribbean Common Court of Justice nor Aruban Legal administration. Are Changes not far behind? " (scaredmonkeys.com)

Other posts can also be found at:

Thank you for such excellence in reporting the latest.

blackhawk said...

Wow...Using dompig for advice on the Holloway case...they still don't get it...They really are stuck on stupid....It would have been far better if they stated that Dompig is completely clear of this case and all of his advice would not be considered at all...But Aruba stays on course for disaster...you can't help but wonder why...but in your heart you know that it is because of absolute corruption...if the full truth comes out many big wigs will fall...So Aruba's image to the world is,We are a corrupt and dangerous island for tourist and you will not get justice...The grassroots effort is working well and we are slowly but surely breaking down their corrupt system and their time is coming...We just won't go away and we will never go away...its personal now...it always has been...and it always will be....Aruba, Tell the truth and the truth will set you free!!
PS: Dompig should have been fired but he wasn't...and I think we all know why...you fire him and he will drop a dime on someone else...pure and simple..corruption at its finest...So long Aruba!!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I would bale out to since he's sat around for a year and worked with Jacobs and Straten to cover up and screw up whatever they could to let the 3 suspects walk and blame Natalee and her family.....why am I not shocked.. He will forever be known for the bs in this case.. Do any of them have a conscience? I don't think so.