July 24, 2006


As one review put it, "It's a 64 page pamphlet".

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Isaac Chin looks into the Natalee Holloway phenomenon, and gives a complete background of the places, the times, the actors, and then carefully debunks the more fanciful theories, while offering a scenario of his own. Chin, who lives on Aruba, saw with dismay the circus develop . . . and notes that although Natalee Holloway has not been found, the limelighting and mugging for the cameras continues. This book gives a thorough understanding of the locations that the news papers and TV commentators talk about with such seeming familiarity, of the people involved, of the Aruban justice system, and of the competing theories of what actually happened to Natalee Holloway. Chin pulls no punches . . . he's lived on Aruba for many years and knows the place and the people.


Anonymous said...

Like they said it's a small world, everybody knows everybody's business. But Joran and all his gang lies that they never met one another for one reason, the irresponsibilities and cowardness. That's why Aruba stings and sinks itself to the hell hole. This is the silent underskin violence against Natalee and the whole mankind. The American people will never let Joran and the bunch to get away with the murder of Natalee. Natalee is our symbol of Liberty, Love and Longitivity. The American people will outlast Joran and make him pay. The thousand islands of lies and coverups are just that, in the mid of Aruba, the eye of this evil Hurricane Joran the American people cannot tolerate, we will blow him away.

Anonymous said...

Joran's lies and drug rape murder getaway are poisoning the sex perverts and encouraging them to attack 5 years old Destiny in Utah. We grassroots Americans need to snuff out all these Joran nonsenses.