July 31, 2006


Author: Saranna
Date: 07-27-06 11:46

Every year I go to Aruba and every year we have a great time. This year we decided to rent ATV's through ATV Extravaganza also known as
WATAPANA TOURS. We rented them instead of doing the tour because we know the island and wanted to be on our own.

Everything was fine until my machine started overheating. We were all the way by the California Lighthouse, we called for technical support and got no service so we decided to take the ATV back and get a new one since we were only 45 minutes into our 4 hour rental. My machine being the one that was overheating was not as fast now as the others. We were about 3 blocks from the place to return them and mine stalled 3 times at a red light. We finally got it going, I was behind someone, and my brother was behind me, and another quad behind him. We rode in the middle because incase we stalled again, they would be able to see us and assist us.

All of sudden our ATV came to a complete stop. From 30 mph to 0 mph. The two quads in back tried to stop and couldn't ramming us like a domino effect. We all went flying off our quads in different direction. We all suffered SEVERE bruising, and my brother had to have emergency surgery because he ripped his arm muscle when he flew off his ATV and must of hit the back of mine where there was something sharp.

Not only did we have to cut our vacation short because of this, but this company shows no remorse. We didnt even receive a simple courtesy phone call from the owner, and when we try to contact the owner she is never available. After talking to other people they also say this place is a scam. This place should be SHUT DOWN!! For your safety, I strongly advise you not to rent from this company.

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Anonymous said...

The front end suspension of these ATV are not the original parts made by the American OEM. They are bogus, and don't fit tightly with the chasis of the ATV. No wonder the ATV will flip over and crash belly up when it hits a coral rock bump in caves area. These ATV are known to assembled by the thief mechanics on the Aruban island. The smuggled the illict auto parts from the body chop shops in Florida Keys where many Dutch Arubans run their shrimp boats. They hide the stolen ATV parts in the fish cage and deliver the seafood to the hotels in Aruba, from there, the transplant agents and druggies retried the auto parts and forward them to the ATV owners. So many ATV were stolen in the northern states and shipped to the Caribbean islands because the ATV are so popular there on the beaches. These mountain ATV are not suited to operated on flat land and beaches because their center of gravity are made a lot taller to jump the cliffs. They will rollover easily if they drivers are overweight and fat bottomed. These stolen ATV were designed for slim mountain climbers only, just like the mountain bikes.