July 17, 2006


Once There Were Many Visible Aruba Billboards And TV Advertisements

July 13th 2006

ORANJESTAD- Arubans who have recently traveled to the U.S. to spend their vacation remarked that they have seen little to no promotion of the island in that country. (Duh!? Are these folks beneath Forrest Gump I.Q.? I can only imagine their thoughts are something like this, "Wow...this is crazy! They really ARE serious about this "missing american girl thing", aren't they?")

They have seen visible promotion from other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean who are offering attractive special deals to U.S. travelers. Mainly Jamaica, St. Maarten, Barbados, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are often seen.

Arubans are concerned that not much is being done to promote the island in the U.S. which is the island's main generating market. (Maybe the aruban people should be concerned with an individual named JORAN VAN DER SLOOT. He is the only one that can come clean, answer questions, and receive punishment for what was done. HE is the key to this big ugly mess he and his conspirators have unleashed on your island.)

U.S. arrivals to Aruba fell by 17.7 percent in the first quarter of 2006 according to the statistics released by Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA). Most other destinations in the Caribbean are experiencing robust growth in tourists arrivals from the U.S. this year. (Don't be hurt...)

According to Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (AHATA) an amount of $13 million is required to aggressively promote and polish the image of the island in the US. (Looks like we've done some serious damage in order to be 'polished'! Right on! BOYCOTT!!!)

Both ATA and AHATA have approached the Ministry of Tourism to have the extra money allocated. Nevertheless ATA and AHATA are trying their utmost with the means that they have to promote Aruba.

Aruba's Marketing and PR machine is known to be one of the most aggressive amongst Caribbean destinations promoting themselves in the U.S. market. Not only is Aruba known to promote itself aggressively (and promote its LIES aggressively!), AHATA, ATA and partners also do so very effectively. Many Caribbean destinations look up to Aruba as the island often comes with new creative and effective marketing techniques that ultimately lead to substantial growth in U.S. travellers.

The only obstacle now is additional funding from the government. (Wait a minute, I thought Oduber was the one that said that they (Aruba) would never ask for money from the Dutch and they don't help them anyway? It all sounds confusing, but it also sounds 'oh-so-right' along the lines of what I'd like to call 'a little corruption' marketing mumbo-jumbo!)


Anonymous said...

In most American tourists' mind when you clicking on the Aruban menu on the Internet, there is always one option Rape Drugging and one feature Disappearance to be picked from. It's scary. Joran is a white ashy face cold blood stalker and born killer. As long as Joran is walking on the streets of Aruba and Holland, Aruba tourism is doomed. The New York Civil Case Judge is doomed too, the deadline is past due July 17. Every Americans will vote Democrat this mid term election. The Judge will be garnished in merit raise. She might just got a $1 as a guesture in the Performance Review. She is viewed as lazy and insensitive. She has lifetime judgeship, but she is a malnurished soul. Anyway Aruba Boycott Blog is the most formidable deternent to Aruba's government corruption and coverups to the crime of Natalee's murder by Joran van der Sloot. The American voters will continue to make Joran suffer and pay for his unspeakable crime.

dennisintn said...

i have news for you, aruba. you haven't learned your lesson in almost l4 mos., so he's one more attempt.

the reputation of aruba is rusting away so rapidly that 400 million dollars worth of "polish" will save your worldwide reputation.

your reputation can be refurbished ONLY by returning natalee's body to her family, and arresting, prosecuting, and punishing those responsible for what happened to her, along with those in power and otherwise who helped cover up the crimes against natalee.

no natalee, no justice, no tourism