July 31, 2006


Maybe we should recruit this guy in helping us find clues to Natalee's disappearance and how the corruption, family ties, and lies work within the Dutch system, Aruba, and The Netherland Antilles. Peter, would you consider helping us? For the sake of justice? Do you have a daughter?

Dutch crime reporter and crime investigator Peter R. DeVries is currently in New York for the trial of the Black Cobra, a Dutch international drug dealing operation. DeVries has been following the Black Cobra for years.

At one time he has actually been attacked. The Black Cobra is responsible for the biggest part of the XTC-trade between the Netherlands and the USA. The information DeVries gathered was always given to the Dutch justice dept. A big operation by a team of Dutch and American anti-drugs specialists (DEA) finally led to the arrest of the Black Cobra.

The Cobra states his arrest was illegal because the DEA operated in the Netherlands and broke the law on one occasion.
It may be far fetched but DeVries is in the USA for a drug trial. Would it be possible to let him take a look at the situation on Aruba and the possibilities of Natalee being a victim of drug lords?

DeVries has been following the Black Cobra for so long, he must have information on the drug trade in Aruba. Maybe his knowledge of the drug trade could get Beth closer to the truth of what happened?
Even if the disappearance of Natalee had nothing to do with drugs, Peter DeVries is a man who, once he gets interested in a case, never lets go again. He just has to solve it.

There are a few cases here in the Netherlands (Marianne!), where he is working on for years now, and he is still in contact with the parents, visits them as a friend, and just keeps trying to solve it. If only Beth had the chance to talk to him and get him interested in Natalee and Joran and the whole bunch of other vaguely involved people - he would be after them time after time - and this guy knows every single letter of the Dutch law, he knows how far he can go without breaking any law. He would drive them completely crazy.


"The black cobra" gets twenty years in jail

January, 2006 --Dutch top criminal Henk R., alias "the black cobra", has been sentenced to 20 years by a court in New York for preparing or conspiring to the smuggling of ecstasy pills to America.

According to the lawyer of R., Mark Teurlings, his client's sentecing is unjust and undeserved, because the american DEA have trapped him using a dutch undercover civilian. The Justice department in the Netherlands has never given authorisation for this method to be used by the DEA on Dutch soil.

Minister of justice Donner meanwhile, has asked the US for clarification, but according to Teurlings that action comes much late.

Notable Quote:

(source) Despite the "high" priority given by the Dutch government to fighting narcotics trafficking, the Netherlands continue to be an important transit point for drugs entering Europe, a major producer and exporter of amphetamines and other synthetic drugs, and an important consumer of illicit drugs. The export of the synthetic drug ecstasy to the U.S. during 1999 reached unprecedented proportions.

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