July 30, 2006


I like the idea of re-visiting the past in order to remind people what has happened, what is going on, and educating those who don't know about the years of corruption throughout Aruba, The Netherland Antilles and Holland (Netherlands). They have all lied and misrepresented themselves to tourists with their "propaganda" they call "great marketing" about their low crime rate. The safest place to vacation. We know now these were blatant lies.

This old post is a letter from Art Wood to the Attorney General, Theresa Croes Fernandez-Pedra. Notice how everyone has the same last names? Like Sly and the Family Stone sang, "It's a family affair..." It's like one big mafia controlled by several different Dutch/Aruban families. It's a real life "Sopranos"...but to an amazing extreme.

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Anonymous said...

You said Joran is tip of the iceberg of lies, corruptions and murders, much more worsen than that Netthelands are the network of mass graves of incinerations of missing women and children, canibalism included. It becomes clear now many of the hithiking girls in the 70's and 80's on the US and Canada Intersate Highways were lured by the "Dutch" drivers and brought to this "crime free" paradise Aruba. The girls were promised a good paying waitress job since Aruba was in the boom of American tourism. However, all these girls and children were forced into sex slave prostitution and resold to Holland's Red Light District and Germany. Some girls tried to escape from the island, they were caught killed by the ALE, and incinerated in the old refinery incinerators. That is how the old Aruban legend "No Body, No Crime" comes from. The most unspeakable crime is that the Dutch Arubans spread the ashes over the salt bed to blend into the salt grains sold to the American salt companies. If somebody can so some DNA analysis on the seasoning salt products from the supermarts, they will probably be able to find Natalee by now. Aruba is the major supply of raw salt cakes to the US and Canada besides the illicit drugs. Aruba is a "Dead Salt" island, very, very premediating and murderous to all the Americans.