July 28, 2006


This just shows the lack of brain capacity these people have. We are dealing with really low intelligence, here.

Antillean citizens in Lebanon refuse escape route

CURACAO – At this moment, the 27 people with a Dutch passport, including 12 Antilleans that are still in South Lebanon, can only escape on a boat to Cypress. This is the way the Netherlands, combined with other countries are taking their citizens to safety.

The Antilleans were told about this escape route yesterday, but they refused as yet to leave the country this way. The Dutch embassy and Foreign Relations Service are busy negotiating with the people and trying to persuade them. For the Netherlands, as well as for the Antilles, it is very unpleasant knowing that the Antilleans decide to stay in this unsafe area, and worse that perhaps there would be casualties amongst them. But nobody can be forced to leave Lebanon.

Hundreds of Dutch citizens, including some 50 Antilleans have already left Lebanon to Syria earlier and flew afterwards back to their country. 22 Dutch citizens left Beirut on a French ship to Cypress yesterday evening.

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