August 21, 2006


Dutch Drug Gangs in Germany

(Source)--When the Netherlands cracked down on marijuana growers, drug gangs moved across the border to Germany, according to an article on the English-language Web site of Der Spiegel.

This has angered some German officials, who say the Dutch are hypocritical because they allow — and profit from — the sale of marijuana at “cannabis clubs.” There’s a certain absurdity inherent in the Dutch government’s policy. On the one hand, it is waging a decisive battle against growers, but at the same time The Hague tolerates the Netherlands’ 729 so-called coffee shops that sell illegally produced hash and marijuana and generate 200 million euros in annual revenues.

Tax money from weed sales helps fill the Dutch government’s treasury. “This is a Grade A provocation,” laments Karl-Heinz Florenz, a politician with the conservative Christian Democratic Union who represents Germany’s Lower Rhine region at the European Parliament in Brussels. ... Any country, he argues, which tolerates the public sale of cannabis products and in doing so turns a profit cannot be permitted to force production to be shifted into a neighboring country.

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Anonymous said...

By ignoring the justice for Natalee, the straing psyche of America is coming out from GWB. America suffers. Hague is the Hade, the hell hole where Joran belongs. History repeated itself. In 18th century the Dutch was the first European pirates who introduced opimum poppies into China from Burma. Before WWII, the Dutch was the pawn shop owners for the Nazi who plungers the Jewish people. The Dutch economy is entirely based on drug and sex trades. All they do is trying to undermine America. Boycott Hade, Boycott Aruba.