September 05, 2006


Let me ask a few questions. First, if Joran thinks this whole thing has ruined his life, then WHY would he agree to do an interview with the media? He specifically said, "It goes too far...especially in the American media". If you are so innocent and want to get on with your life, then why would you want to rehash everything? To the AMERICAN media, no less! The very people you just denounced!

I wonder if the ATA paid Joran to do that interview in order to help their tourism. Well, I think it just backfired in your face again, Aruba!

Admit it, Joran, you are a sociopath that loves the media attention. You are no better than someone like John Karr (Jon Benet Ramsey's 'fake' killer) and thousands of other criminals and sickos that love the limelight. You KNEW that if you were walking around the beach people would take your picture and say things. SO, then WHY would you parade yourself and your "girlfriend" around for everyone to see? Why? Because you love it.

You may not have been convicted on the island of Aruba, but you have already been tried and convicted to millions of as a LIAR, a PREDATOR, a RAPIST and possibly a murderer. Even if you didn't murder Natalee, you covered it up...why? To save YOUR ASS.

Does an innocent man smile for the cameras while in police custody? This is not what an innocent man would do--this is something that a guilty sociopath would do. It reminds me of when Scott Peterson would smile and laugh while being tried for the murder of Laci and Conner.

Get off your little "pity party"...poor me, poor Joran. WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. And we will not leave you alone until you tell the truth you lying son-of-a-bitch. I can't wait for karma to come around back to you. And it won't be long. Keep your nightlight on, Joran.

Sept. 5, 2006 — It's been more than 15 months since Alabama teen Natalee Holloway disappeared on the island of Aruba during a high school graduation trip. In that time there have been frantic searches, dwindling hopes, and serious missteps in the investigation. Much of the attention about what happened to Holloway has been focused on one young man, Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch native of Aruba who, according to his own words, was the last known person to be with Holloway.

ABC News' Chris Cuomo recently traveled to Aruba for an exclusive interview with van der Sloot, who said he had not harmed Holloway. Since that time, investigators have proven nothing different.

Now 19, van der Sloot says that, in a way, the night he met Holloway has never ended. "All the time, all the time it's going around my head," he told Cuomo.

Still Being Punished

While he is no longer being detained, van der Sloot is still a prisoner of the speculation surrounding the student's disappearance. "I think for a lot of parts I've been unfairly treated, because I had nothing to do with this, and a lot of people seem to think I do," he said. That's due in large part to his initial statements about the night the 18-year-old went missing.

One who is innocent has nothing to hide.

No reason to make up stories and lie...

At first, van der Sloot and two friends said that they had dropped Holloway off at her hotel at the end of the evening, but later van der Sloot said that he had taken the American teen to the beach. The lie landed him in jail, but after three months, police could not tie him to any crime. He was released in September and talked to ABC News in February to explain his deception. "I didn't want anyone to know. (..that you killed Natalee) I didn't want anyone to know I left her at the beach," he said.

That explanation hasn't stopped the media scrutiny. "It's goes too far, definitely in the American media," van der Sloot said. "I was here with my girlfriend on vacation, and some tourists filmed us. … And they called me a predator on the beach again, going after a girl, American girl, an American tourist. And I was there on the beach with my girlfriend that I had been with for six months now."

'I Would Have Done a Lot of Things Differently'

Van der Sloot, a Dutch citizen, returned to Holland for college, abandoning his onetime dream of attending school in the United States (or even GOING to the U.S.). He says life is normal enough there. He's meeting (drugging?) girls, and making friends is not a problem. When he comes back to Aruba, though, the past still haunts him. "Of course it doesn't feel good when like, you saw, people putting the cameras out and screaming, 'Where is she? What did you do with her?' And that doesn't feel good. It doesn't make you feel good," he said. (Sinner's remorse? Nah...sociopaths don't have remorse.)

Van der Sloot says he often thinks about how different life would be if he had gone home earlier that night and had never taken Holloway to the beach. "And I say, 'Yeah, what if? What if?' But I can't change all those things anymore," he said. "Of course if I would have known all this would have happened, I would have done a lot of things differently."

His concern now is for his future, and van der Sloot says he wants the killer to be caught (Join OJ's quest, then. You two would make great golf partners. Except you'd have to play somewhere else because you are wanted 'dead or alive' here in "Cowboy Country" as some of you like to call us.) so he can close that chapter of his life for good. "That's the worst part, because there's always the 'if' question. What if? You know? You were the last person with her, all these things." "And if no one knows or no one comes forward or tells or yeah, they don't solve the case, you're always gonna have people saying, you were the last person with her."


dennisintn said...

an advertisement for jvds that fell flat on it's face. the beach scene looked like a scene from brokeback mountain. if he's been with this girl for 6 mos., why is he needing to meet more girls? of course he had a girl friend when he drugged, kidnapped, raped, and killed natalee. his only regrets are that he's kind of compromised when it comes to carrying on his activities by all the people watching him. he certainly doesn't have any regrets over what he did to natalee. if it goes around around in his head, it's like winning the big game by himself for him. certainly not anything resembling remorse or regret.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Joran. He wants "the killer to be caught" I didn't know Natalee was dead.

Deb357 said...

This boy has no conscience what so ever.
This boy can't even keep a relationship. He doesn't know how to hold a relationship and never will. Not a pure, honest and loving relationship with any female.
It ain't over yet Joran. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

there is a saying in Aruba (paraphrase) "it takes 30 minutes to get from one end of the island to the other... it takes 30 seconds for a rumor to get out".

Someone knows what happened and someone needs to come forward.

Anonymous said...

Joran, Joran you can't hide, we charge you with Homicide!

Anonymous said...

I hope that punk get's everything that is coming to him. Good Morning America is a freakin joke. Talk about fluff. I thought I heard violins playing in the background when that punk was speaking.

Anonymous said...

LIARUBA! TRUST ME NO, FORGET ME NOT. That's Joran. He is no ex Chief GMA, Joran is the Main Criminal Suspect in Natalee's murder case. That announcement came out of Joran's evil tongue. He said he is looking for the real killer of Natalee. Last GMA interview Joran said he did not know what happened to Natalee, and now he said Natalee was murdred, and by whom? The Boycott forced many Arubans out of work, and out of food. The Arubans are hungry and angry. Where did you bury her? they shouted to Joran. Will be another 30 days or less, the Arubans are going to kick Joran's smug face and knock his jaw off. The Arubans are getting very very frustrated at Joran, and very, very angry at Anita and Paulus. Anita better quited her job at ISA and hided at home to watch her house from being torched by the Aruban mob. It's worth it. Just give it up, Joran! Tell us the truth now.

Anonymous said...

What if? What if? Joran knows he cant change anything because he knows Natalee is dead. I've got an idea for Aruba Tourism.....they can promote the freak show on the island with tours daily to the Van der Sloots....

Anonymous said...

Since joran now says Natalee was murdered.. why not bring him back as a suspect? he seems to know more than hes telling..
getting that punk in jail makes everyone safer.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that JVDS complains about a tourist taking a photo of him and his girlfriend in a public place, yet he somehow manages to find time to have an interview with Good Morning America to be broadcast on TV??

Auntiem said...

Notice, he seems to have had to limit his girlfriends to Dutch or Aruban. Hope no American girl who is stupid enough to go to Aruba is stupid enough to "date" this sociopath. His heart must be broken, no more American beauties with brains for him!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Does an innocent man smile for the cameras while in police custody? This is not what an innocent man would do--this is something that a guilty sociopath would do.."

Well, actually - it is what a person like Joran in police custody would do after learning that Jan Van der Straaten is back on the case and will indeed take care of that confession he just made on the day before.
Seems like the sociopath had plenty to smile about since he knew that Jan the clean up man was going to take care of everything as all corrupt, dirty, no conscience cops do.