October 14, 2006


Are you proud of your country?

A real nice finger gesture from Dutch Military

These guys are a bunch of serious LOOOSERS!
My God...stealing porn and energy drinks?!

AMSTERDAM — Dutch marines have sparked outrage in Norway for allegedly stealing pornography and food from a shop prior to becoming involved in a nightclub fight with Norwegian nationals. The Defence Ministry has launched an inquiry into the theft. Security camera footage shows a couple of men stealing from a shop. The owner of the store claims the culprits were Dutch marines on leave. The footage was broadcast on current affairs show NOVA on Monday night and a ministry spokesman said if any marines were found guilty of the theft, disciplinary measures would quickly follow.

The men are accused of stealing pornography magazines, sandwiches and energy drinks from a late-night shop located on the Norwegian-Finnish border. Owner Hans Rasmus said the culprits were unmistakenly Dutch marines. News of the theft comes after reports that Dutch marines on exercise in Norway were involved in a massive fight at a Norwegian nightclub last weekend. The theft is alleged to have taken place before the fight. Residents of the Norwegian village Karasjok exchanged blows with about 30 marines and several Norwegians were injured in the fight.

The Dutch military police and Norwegian police are investigating the incident. Dutch military commandant Dick Berlijn has apologised to his Norwegian colleague. Some marines have already been questioned about the incident.

Military union AFMP has urged for the marines to be quickly disciplined. Chairman Wim van den Burg wants to discuss with Defence State Secretary Henk van Hoof this week how marines on exercise can be kept under control.


Anonymous said...

Will be another military coverup by the Dutch government. Holland is the worst nation in Europe Their generals demand the military prostitutes be supplied to the marines so they won't rape the local village girls.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban Boycott does not approve the criminal activities of the Dutch military.

Anonymous said...

The outrage of the Dutch marines military misconducts in Norway and Finland reinforces the support of Aruban Boycott in all the European countries. The Central Bank of Aruba, which is a brand name owned by the HKSB Holding Company in London and Paris, continues to rein in the corrupt government of Aruba about missing American tourists in Aruba. The Bank's tourism report strongly suggests the terrible decline in Aruba's tourism and econmonic base is due to the mishandling of the disappearance of Natalee Ann Holloway. The continued plight is obvious when compared to the first quarter year of 2005. Boycott Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Aruban Boycott Grassroots Movement urges every citizen in Norway and Finland to boycott the Dutch Military and cancel any plans to travel to Holland and Aruba until Natalee is found. Spread the word of voluntary boycott of all the Dutch products. To bring up the public awareness of the dangers of the Dutch people and their objectionable behaviors. The past history of Holland and Aruba since WW2 is nothing but corruption, degradetion and human endangerings of all kinds. The Holland Bureau of Death Statistics underreported the number of murders in Aruba for over a decade to make the island look safe and crime free. Boycott Holland and Aruba!

Anonymous said...

If you hate the corruptions and cover-ups of the Dutch Kingdom Holland and Aruba governments, you will love to see the money supply to Aruba is starved by 30% due to the enactment of the UN North Korea Sacntion. Nort Korea had been active in the past using the offshore banking onlines in Aruba cafes to launder their drug and weapon moneys to finance their nuclear missiles terrorists threats. These are the bad news for Aruba. Some American owned bank oulet ATM owners had already been questioned by the FBI about the incident of money withdrawl by Paulus van der Sloot on May 30, 2004.

Anonymous said...

The AHATA (Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association) treats the Aruban Boycott as their arch rival enemy. AHATA closed their eyes on the kidnapping, drugging, rape and murder of Natalee in Aruba. The world will not think Holland and Aruba will survive the Aruban Boycott. They need the Natalee justice to solve their tourism problems. The Family deserves their answer to the whereabout of their missing daughter Natalee. Haiti is more safe than Aruba now, and has a growing tourists industry.

Anonymous said...

The corrupted Dutch/Aruban governments will happen again and again commit crimes all over the world, not just in Aruba and Holland, and cover them up by the doctrine of "No Body, No Case". That's why you got so many supporters from the whole world to promote the movement of Aruban Boycott to dicourage the Dutches.

Anonymous said...

After seeing what happened in Aruba. I expect this kind of behavior from the dutch.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is wrong what these boys did, but to link this to Aruba is just outrages!

These things happen within every army around the world. I took the liberty to look up some of the misconducts by the American army. Here's just one of the links I found:
Frankly, the numbers are shocking!

So stick to what you know and don't link everything that happens in the NL to Aruba. Bad things happen in every country. Just keep that in mind!

As for some of the comments above: they are even more outrages and stupid!!!