October 01, 2006


Word on the street is that Deepak was spotted in Miami not too long ago. Incidentally, that is where scum bag bag Freddy sex film extrordinare fled to. He happens to have an equally scum bag brother, Ernesto, who is heavy into the Miami Beach Clubs and thinks he's the next Fabio or Ricky Martin.

This article sounds like another Aruba...I'm no prude, but these people have no self-respect or care about themselves. Their behavior is beyond embarassing and completely offensive to the "average" American. These people will throw themselves on anyone and do any disgusting deed just out of hedonism and lust. I suppose they don't know what the word CONSEQUENCE means. AIDS still is around you know. And don't forget, herpes can't be cured.

Both places certainly mirror the characteristics of the clubs, and lax attitudes towards drugs, sex, and behavior towards women. Anything goes in Miami Beach. How much would you be willing to bet that Big Brother Arambatizis makes sex videos on the side to help finance his ‘fancy’ clubs? Puke. He is treated like the king of pimps down there. WTF? He is scummy douche bag...just look at that perverted predator face. He looks like a rabid animal that thinks he's "sexy". Ummmm, yeeeeah....riiight. ("That's an Office Space" quote...if you didn't see it, don't bother figuring my joke out.)


These people are a bunch of poseur losers…(an obvious example would be Paris Hilton). These creeps are a new millennium version of the new yuppie whore. Male and female alike.

Here are some excerpts from this article:

(Source)--“On the barren plains of modern nightlife, where the relentless pursuit of set and small-change notoriety is elevated to an exalted and perfectly hideous art form, the nightlife voyeur is presented with a dazzling array of opportunities to revel in the offensive.” “But for the true student of sleaze enlightened to the knowledge that all good disgusting fun requires the presence of core ingredients—sex, violent, etc.—there is one venue that rises head and shoulders above all others as the ultimate seduction of rational behavior in the western world—South Beach on a Saturday night.”

“Our pleadings to the glam-gods were answered one Tuesday night when a very cool party called “The Loft @ Rumi” put on by owner Alan Roth and savage boy-toy, Ernesto “the fabulous” Arambatizis. (The 'fabulous'? Oh my god, you've GOT to be kidding me. I am seriously embarassed for this guy...what a complete dork.) “Passing a trio of working girls, we see one obviously way under-age teen who looked more like a junior varsity cheerleader than just another street whore. Yet, there she was in her pink wig and hoochie-clothes, street-walking between passion and poetry. The persistent little urchin followed us for nearly half a block offering to be our dirty-girl, spouting out all the usual whore-drivel “it’s really tight” being the most endearing of her thematic repertoire.”

“Standing on the corner waiting for a cab we watched as she was soon corralled by a couple of young gangster-boys (perhaps the infamous poseurs, “The Pimps”?) that whisked her off for a quick pop. Thinking to ourselves, what a shame it is that this beautiful young girl finds herself in such a terrible situation, we offer up a silent prayer along the lines of, “May this poor lost soul find her way through life okay.”

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Anonymous said...

Tell you the secret you may already know from the pic, the one on the right is a shemale pimpnette. Heshe sure has good silicone in hiser chest. Depak sure enjoyed that treat and trick in South Florida. He won't come back.