October 14, 2006


The Perverts in Holland Get HAULTED

Amsterdam- A Dutch political party generally known as the "paedophile party" will not participate in the November elections as it failed to collect the requisite signatures by the deadline Tuesday. (They should just join NAMBLA...)

The Party of Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity (PNVD) said late Monday it had not managed the 570 signatures. It was not made public how many signatures the party did manage to gather. Last week PNVD Norbert de Jonge regretted the lack of support.

"I think we can say that we will not participate. For that reason no one will be able to see how large our support really is, and that's a pity," De Jonge said. In July a court in The Hague denied a private application to ban the PNVD brought by a foundation that conducts research into paedophilia.

The party advocates allowing all over the age of 16 to participate in pornographic films. Young people would be allowed to have sex from the age of 12, four years lower than the current age of consent.

Polls ahead of the November 22 elections show the Christian Democrats (CDA) of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende slowly edging ahead of its main rival, the Labour Party (PvdA) under Wouter Bos.


Anonymous said...

The Aruban Boycott has ratcheted up enough pressure to force Holland to have a change in their heart about justice. Aruba will crack soon.

Anonymous said...

Got this faxed to me last night:


Oranjestad: The amount of paasengers and flights in the thrid quarter of 2006 shows a decline compared to the third quarter of 2005. The amount of passengers declined by 4.3% and the amount of flights by 9.5% compared with last year.
'There are also reasons for a careful optimism. The stream of passengers in September 2006 grew by 2% compared with the ones from last year. This is the FIRST GROWTH SINCE AUGUST 2005. Also the total of private- and businessflights showed a growth in the thrid quarter of 20.9%', according to Ruben Trappenberg, spokesperson of the AAA.


The total of passengers out of the US has declined with 3.9% compared with the thrid quarter of 2005. However, the biggest drop came from the passengers amount out of Venezuela, the biggest market after the US. This amount dropped by 24.3% this last quarter, compared with the year before. Trappenberg indicates the drop in flights can be declared by the dissapearing of small regional airlines with daily flights to Venezuela. 'but the total flights out of Colombia by Avainca increased thsi last quarter by 26% compared with the third quarter of 2005. The amount of flights out of the Antilles also incread, especially out of Curacao. It concerns a growth of 26% compared to 2005. This growth is thanks to the extra service provided by Tiara Air and Insell Air,' according to the spokesperson.

'The tide in the US could change now that the price of oil has dropped below the 60$. However, it is still a very vulnarable market and thats why it is still very important to keep the contacts we have and to put more energy in attracting extra airservices."

Amigoe (frontpage), October 18th, 2006.

Just so you now know why I am worried about the 'lack of result' as per the grassroots movement. Like I have said before, hundreds or even thousands of people will not be enough, if there starts to come a small growth again. But, then again, maybe I should wait till the numbers are out foir the last quarter of the year, before I make a definite assesment, as per the grassroots movements' effect.

Anyways, just thought you might find this article interesting. And as promised I will keep you informed as I keep getting more info.

John C.

Anonymous said...

Can anything Trappenberg says be trusted. It's in his best interest to say that Venzueula is the main reason for the decline

Anonymous said...

There will be much less Americans traveling to Aruba in the coming weeks. The midterm elections, and the IRS is probing the online gaming and timeshare bank accounts in Aruba. There is a hit lists of people that IRS will be comparing that of Homeland Security air travelers list. The travel agency receives no Aruba orders at all for over three weeks. The anticipation explains why the Aruba tourism is doomed. No America Dollars, No Aruba!

Anonymous said...

Don't understimate the power of ArubanBoycott. Many Americans are very angry after watching the Hour of Power broadcast. They are not buying the Dutch products for this holiday season. They think the Dutches are the most evil people in the world. The Dutch people make and sell prostitutes and rape drugs. They are so cruel to the Americans.

Anonymous said...

According to "Reporters without Borders" the Dutch do more things right, like freedom of speech:

Oh look, the Netherlands share first place and the US are where..??? 53rd place!!!

How do you explain this?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous --

Here's the explanation you wanted.

Here's how the index that you refer to was established. lol.

Very objective and scientific (not). Looks like a BFN poll ;-)

Stop wasting bandwidth:-))))

"Reporters Without Borders compiled the Index by asking the 14 freedom of expression organisations that are its partners worldwide, its network of 130 correspondents, as well as journalists, researchers, jurists and human rights activists, to answer 50 questions about press freedom in their countries. The Index covers 168 nations. Others were not included for lack of data about them"