October 26, 2006


What kind of safety are they talking about? National safety or personal safety? Don't you think they should be worried about personal safety? Let's face it...no one is going to blow up or terrorize their island. Let the U.S. worry about that...since we are always the ones who clean up others messes.

Maybe the ABC islands need to discuss the safety of INDIVIDUALS on their islands--whether they are tourists or citizens!

Dick to the Netherlands for deliberation on PVNA

CURACAO – Justice-minister David Dick (PAR) will go to the Netherlands next week to talk about the progress of the Safety Plan Netherlands Antilles (PVNA). When he is there, he will pay several of the persons involved a visit. The agenda has to be set up yet.

A ministerial deliberation on PVNA was planned for yesterday in Curacao, but since both Justice-minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA), and Defence-minister Henk Kamp (VVD) could not be present, Dick requested to cancel the deliberation. The most important issues that would have come up for discussion were according to the minister, the changes within the political structure and the strengthening of the legal security.

Dick did meet with the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicola├» (VVD) yesterday though. “The meeting was an update. It was not an important discussion as regards content. I told him about the state of affairs towards amongst others PVNA and immigration.”


Anonymous said...

The Kingdom Relations are a master/slave system. Only the Dutch white elite are the master, the rest of the people on the island are slaves, that including the American tourists in their immigration policy. There is no gurantee for personal safety of all the slaves in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Personal safety is not getting raped on your fifthy island.

Anonymous said...

The mission of Aruban Boycott Movement is to boycott the lack of personal safety in Aruba, including illegal body disposal.

dennisintn said...

the ultimate act for "personal safety" is to not go to aruba. period. not only are you safe, you're not exposed to the actions of aruban locals who demonstrably react to protect the locals and blame the tourist.

by boycotting aruba, you also send the strongest message possible to the govts. of others islands or countries you might want to visit that americans will not tolerate the kinds of things aruba has been getting away with.

granted, a certain percentage of americans will continue to go to aruba because of the uncontested and l.e. protected availability of drugs, prostitution, sexual predators, and of course, smuggling and money laundering. that doesn't mean the rest of us have to be complicit with those activities or rub elbows with those that do them. we have enough of those types in each of our localities and don't particularly want to go to a place with a higher concentration of them.