October 02, 2006


Why all of a sudden is Aruba so concerned with their reputation of corruption? Are they using this as propaganda to raise the expectations of their island in order to increase tourism rates? I highly doubt they want to control corruption. Too many people involved would lose money! Including some Dutch officials, I'm sure! Regarding the legislation, I'll believe it when I SEE it.

The Netherlands help Aruba with anti-corruption legislation???

ORANJESTAD – The government wants to have all the legislation involving international anti-corruption finished by mid-2007. Aruba has asked Holland for their assistance with the preparations. The result is that for a period of one year a Dutch lawyer will offer his support to the DWJZ (department of legislation and legal matters).

According to Urbano Lopez, the director of the DWJZ and the person in charge implementing the new legislation, it’s important to both Aruba and Holland to quickly implement the anti-corruption legislation. It involves international treaties, like the United Nations treaty regarding corruption. These have been signed by the Dutch government but can’t be ratified by Aruba until the necessary legislation has been put into place. “The international pressure to sign on to this legislation is exceptionally large. So it’s very important that Aruba makes the necessary preparations.”

The DWJZ will be reinforced by the Dutch legal specialist Ron de Bree. He’ll spend a year creating conceptual laws within the realm of anti-corruption matters. According to Lopez, Holland is not just sending their expert lawyer, but is also paying for all the costs. De Bree will also spend some time in the area of anti-terrorism laws. For the implementation of environmental laws and laws relating to international privacy rights, Lopez would also like to see a, “similar type of construction.”

Furthermore he says that he’s hoping Rudi Lampe, party leader of RED, will be somewhat reassured now that the government is working on legislation against corruption.

Lampe recently returned from Tanzania where parliament members from all over the world traded information about corruption within governments.

According to Lampe many of them were quite surprised to learn Aruba did not yet have any legislation to address this issue. Upon his return to Aruba he said it is shameful that the government leaders are not more critical about their own actions.

DWJZ wants to have all the anti-corruption legislation concepts finished around the summer time. Thereafter the Raad van Advies (Advisory Council) will examine the concepts before sending them on to be handled in the Staten.


Anonymous said...

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