November 07, 2006


Alienate one country, try for another? NO DICE... Still using the slogan, "One Happy Island?" Try, "One Lonely Island..."

One of our Aruban Boycott Members is British and plans to visit home in the next couple of weeks. I have made sure this member is STACKED with BOYCOTT ARUBA materials to pass around and plaster the city of London.

We aren't going away, Aruba! We've got members in every out for the sucker punch!

ATA Launches Winter Advertising Campaign for the U.K.

--The Aruba Tourism Authority launched its 2006 winter advertising campaign today, by bringing its One Happy Island message to ExCel in a convoy of branded London taxis.

The three-month campaign, worth around £70,000, includes 75 London cabs, as well as travel trade and consumer travel magazine advertising. The artwork depicts Aruba’s pristine white sand beaches and a beaming Aruban bathing lovely with the tag line; The happiest island in the Caribbean (I see Aruba is still in DENIAL...), Just a few smiles away.

According to Minister of Tourism & Transportation, Edison Briesen, “We are enth
usiastic to move the UK market forward as I believe Aruba is a perfect destination for UK visitors and this new campaign will boost our efforts in getting the job done”.

Joanna Freezer, UK representation manager for the Aruba Tourism Authority commented: “Our campaign theme is a reworking of successful UK 2004 promotional activity that saw winter season traffic increase by 30 per cent on the previous year.”

According to Myrna Jansen-Feliciano, ATA’s Managing Director, “This campaign, in addition to the other marketing promotions Aruba has going on in the UK, will surely be effective to fill up the two charters scheduled for 2007.

Starting May 08 to October 23, 2007, First Choice will start an additional charter flight from the UK to Aruba from Manchester International Airport. This will be the second charter flight from First Choice; the original charter flight leaves from London Gatwick Airport.


dennisintn said...

this is part of their new l6 mil. dollar advertising budget? the brits don't deserve having to pay all this stuff off for aruba. personally, i like the bvi much better. more civilized, no disappearances of teen girls, no date rapes, no resident drug addict/salesmen living on the hotel grounds, all sorts of reasons to pick another island. and the main reason of all not to go to aruba, if you have serious problems, the l.e. will be there for you. and you won't have to be subjected to the kind of slanderous lies aruba will use to defend the perps against prosecution.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Express cancelled all the Airbus Superjumbo orders due to the delays and defects caused by the corrupt Dutch companies contracting on the cabin lockdown system. The whole EU and British Investment Bankers are so furious at Holland and Aruba. They are stopping all the funding to Aruba, and ask all the members not to visit Aruba for vacations. They say Bahamas and Virgin Islands are much better Caribbean to invest. Aruba's tourism is totally killed now. The Airbus want to punish every Dutch Arubans for their corruptions and coverups.

Deb357 said...

I've sent out the message to hundreds of travel agencies in Britain UK about the Boycott Aruba movement as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Human Rights, Amnesty International for Human Rights and Interpol on Aruba on all their human rights violations against Natalee and her family. Not to mention the way they treat their own people like second rate citizens. Especially those who die early due to their unclean atmosphere they live in from the refinery. It is inhuman to not care about their health to save on money instead of cleaning up and filtrations placed in the refinery towers.
And the way they treat the women and girls on Aruba with rape cases and domestic violence. Or the black community who are looked upon as escape goats. And this is first hand knowledge from Arubans I've personally spoken too. Oh yes, don't think I haven't submitted this along with the Boycott Aruba Movement info.
Tsk Tsk Aruba, smarten up!