December 25, 2006


A master plan is needed for better police integrity

ORANJESTAD – An investigation report (This is so laughable. They had to do a "report" on this? So are they basically admitting that their police protection sucks...real good for that faltering tourism of theirs...) on the efficiency of the Police Corps of Aruba (KPA) regarding integrity, states that the control on work procedure is poorly; promotional transfers take place, while there is a disciplinary investigation going; and there is no correct follow up after irregularities within the corps are signaled.

Forensic Services Caribbean in Curaçao did the investigation by order of Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP). Amigoe learned this from documents that the paper received for perusal. The report was already given to the then chief of police Ronny Bernadina on April 3rd of this year.

The investigation took place in 2005 and based on the findings, Forensic Services Caribbean advices to draw up a master plan to deal with the integrity risks. Based on conversations with some key-officials within the KPA and external partners of the corps, like the Security Service, the Public Prosecutor, and the Coastguard, they have mapped nine risks. They have also analyzed summaries of integrity rules violations within the corps.

They first noticed that many rules regarding work procedures and work processes are established, but that these are not univocal and not conveniently arranged. The procedures differ per (police-, editor) district and are implemented or interpreted differently.” Besides, several regulations are not complete. Not everybody is familiar with the procedures, they are difficult of access, and several of the versions used are outdated. Several procedures are too complex and have therefore lost their powers. “They have become dead letters”, states the report.

There is lack of control on the observance of the procedures in all sectors of the organization. This has to do with not having qualitatively good employees on managerial positions. Another reason is that there is lack of open culture, in which employees dare to talk to each other. In order to restrict this risk, the bureau advices to further specify the career policy and to organize trainings that would provoke a culture change within the police corps.

A third risk that can cause the integrity of the corps to come into play is the lack of confidence when it comes to exchange information. Confidential information is leaked to third parties and nobody knows what to do with the information or that the information can be used against you. “This lack of confidence has consequences for the internal- and external communication”, states the report. It also forms a hindrance for working effectively and efficiently. Their advice is again a culture chance in order to create confidence.


Anonymous said...

The Aruban Dirty Police had succeeded in corrupting the Royal Dutch Police when they came to the island to re-investigate the Natalee's rape and murder case. Now the virus is infecting all the police units in Holland. The kingdom is under the grave danger of anarchy. There might be a corp de coup to take power by the dirty police chief. Most Dutch police are military base trained, they are the reserved armed forces. The joint police chief is also an active general of the army.

Anonymous said...

As of January 23 of Year 2007, all the travelers in and out of United States are required to present a passport at the port of entry. No exceptions to any American legal residents. Warnings are given to green card holders not to travel outside US territories without a valid US passport. If they violate the law, they will be denied and not allowed to enter United States. And they may lose their green card status if they fail to get a valid American passort within a year from the date of suspension. This is a very serious life and death mistake people will make regardless. Most timeshares in Aruba are owned by the questionable green card people in NYC and Boston to do their money laundering and to hide their foreign assets and interest earnings. The timeshares people are in a panic to sell their timeshares holding in Aruba. Aruba used the hotel timeshares tax base as part of the collateral for the emergency loan for the government's wasteful advertising spending in US. The Germany bank in NYC sensed the red flag and demand the Oduber government to pay their quarterly interest of the emergency loan on the January 1, 2007. The bankers don't think Oduber has the money to pay. They will seize the Aruban government properties in NY and New Jersey. Aruba is at the mercy of the karma.

Michelle said...

Is it just me? Because I thought that anyone traveling abroad HAD to have a passport. I went to London as a pre-teen and I had to have a passport and that was back in 1984, obviously pre 9/11. I guess I don't fully understand the complications of people traveling to Aruba and requiring to provide passports.

Will someone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

That is a corruption practice currently under investigations in NYC. When you travel as a group to Aruba, the Dutch tour guide can handle all the passport issues for you. Maybe you never heard of the "visa laundering". One can fly to Aruba, and then visit Cuba and sell your cam or iPod there. There is no problem. Cuz "No Body, No Case" priciples apply.

Deb357 said...


Going to Aruba all you needed was a driver license or a birth certificate, no passport was needed. Same with Canada and other Caribbean countries. That will be changing 2007. About damn time I say. Keep all the unwanted rift raft out of the USA.