December 29, 2006



Anonymous said...

Some Aruban rapists had access to the resort hotel security cameras. They could fix on a particular girl they wanted, and arranged the opportunity to place the rape drugs into the drinks. They rapists even had a GPS hidden in the tour bus to make sure the girls were at C&C before they got ready to hunt down the girl. There are so many 2KJ copycats in all the Dutch islands because these things are legal there, and so many tourist girls got raped. Holland learns to suppress all the rape news before they get to the media. Holland will do anything to protect their Antillies.


Hi Michelle, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Years. Your blog looks great. Keep up the good work ! Justice for Natalee !

Anonymous said...

Their necks are currently got jammed into with this DrPhil lawsuit, the 2k can't retreat or withdraw. 2k is the tip of this gangrape volcano on that island, Aruba and Dutch had been trying to legalise the murder act along with the Holland judges and the Queen's visit. The DrPhil lawsuit is going to let this gangrape volcano to blow away Aruba for good. The depositions will unravel all the other gangrapes and murders in the past since Aruba was granted the semi independence from Holland, so that Aruba can smuggle more illegal drugs into United States without tarnishing further the Kingdom's bad name. Looks like the world situations are getting too hot and stressing for Kingdom's stability and governing, the Dutch nobles in Aruba are forced to chop off the 2k necks and call them even. There will be some burning corpses in the coral caves.

Anonymous said...

Since this Doctor phil thing came up. I haven't heard anything else about the Aruban officials having enough evidence to lock the punks up??? For sexual assault. Hmmmm. I wonder what Aruba would prefer us talking about??? A Possible Doctor Phil case???? Or why hasn't Karin Jansen, done her job and arrested the punks for sexual assault???

Anonymous said...

Karin Jassen has decided to show her brutality of Aruba towards Americans by letting the clock runs out in May 2007. Then the three rape murder suspects will be taken off the list, and the case will be closed. Only thing left we Americans can do are contiuing the boycott by not spending our money in Aruba. Karin Jassen is a die heart prostitutor.

Rammstein said...

to the last 2 anonymousses:

1. Karin Janssen has not decided to let the clock run out, the clock for being suspects would almost 100% certainly run out no matter who was in that position/office. With the bad decisions made by the Aruban cops no DA had a working chance to get at the suspects IMHO.

2. the suspects might be removed as suspects when the 2 years run out but that is all that happens. With new evidence they can still be tried and sentenced for anything illegal they did. The statute for murder for example never runs out.

3. cases like this never get really closed in the Kingdom, there will always be media and police-attention for cases like this one.

4. the case may get closed but as long as there still is a running investigation, the case will not get closed. Usually the manpower gets reassigned from big cases so that the team will go on with less manpower but as long as there is something to investigate the investigation remains fully open.

5. you cannot convict a person on their alleged confession only. You need physical/forensic or corroborating evidence of said crime to achieve a conviction. For the sexual assault case no such evidence exists, so if the ALE said anything along those lines they were lying, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Rammerstien- you seem to know alot. What's your take on the Obsruction charges that haven't been brought up?

Rammstein said...

Anonymous, I have been looking into the obstruction charges. But the only article of law I have found up to now has obstruction charges (destroying evidence etc.) in it set the maximum penalty at 6 months.

But one of the stipulations is that it can never be obstruction if the suspect himself destroys the evidence. So if Joran, Deepak, Satish destroyed evidence to evade capture, it may not be obstruction (from a legal perspective).

Also his father cannot be prosecuted on this because it also goes for direct family that destroys evidence.

But I will look into it further to see if I can find more articles of law regarding obstruction.