January 18, 2007


Looks like Americans aren't the only ones angry with Aruba. Some Venezuelan citizens have started their own website due to Aruba's shady business practices, transactions and lack of law enforcement due to certain island "untouchables". Hmmm...sounds so familiar, doesn't it?


Click here for their website

VENEZUELAN ACTION GROUP is composed of 14 Venezuelan citizens, organized to fight corruption, complicity, impunity, and negligence, shown by local businessmen and authorities, involved in introducing evil bias in the administration of justice in civil case related to SUN Development, Tierra Del Sol, SUN Capital.

The purpose of this Page is to make a loud and clear denunciation, about the unacceptable lack of protection and denial of fiduciary rights suffered by foreign investors (frequent visitors). We point out the HIGH RISKS present in the Island, due to lack of straight law enforcement and worsened by unfair / biased administration of justice.

A few local businessmen (founder shareholders) hold evil influences through ill-intended use of political, social and economical power, thus armoring themselves into “UNTOUCHABLE persons”.


Anonymous said...

The major UNTOUCHABLE PLAYERS are Paulus and Oduber. First they are gay partners. Second, each has vast drug money acounts in Netherlands. The demise of the Aruban tourism won't hurt them. They would rather want to see to it all the colored Arubans and Venezuekans get completely wiped out by the famine.

Anonymous said...

Paulus and Oduber are TOUCHABLE. But only to each other. They can always continue their tryst in Holland or another island of the Antilles.