January 20, 2007


The French gave us the Statute of Liberty...our Lady Liberty. Wonder what they'll call this statute?

The Statute of Fallen Whores?...

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Amsterdam's red-light district will soon get a new attraction: a statue to honor prostitutes around the world. The statue, designed by artist Els Rijerse, will likely be unveiled at the end of March, Dutch news agency ANP reported. "In many countries, prostitutes struggle and people have no respect for them whatsoever. The statue is meant to give all those men and women strength," Mariska Majoor, a former prostitute who commissioned the statue, told ANP. ANP said the statue, made of bronze, shows a woman who confidently looks out into the world.


Anonymous said...

The next move in Amsterdamn there will be military prostitutes to boost the morale in the Dutch army.

grass said...

Only in Amsterdam, I wonder if Anita will attend the unveiling with her loving children in hand LOL.

Anonymous said...

Why is a statue for prostitutes so wrong? There are prostitutes all over the world, including in your country. Throughout history there have been prostitutes, if you do not believe me you can do the research. Yes, prostitution may not be the best of professions, but if we're all created "equal" then who are we to judge them. Everyone has rights, so do prostitutes. I believe it is good that they are getting some recognition, because of all the crap they have to do just to make a couple of bucks. You know in some countries long ago, prostitutes were highly respected, more than a man's wife even. Think about that some more, before you cast judgement.

Deb357 said...

anonymous wrote:
(You know in some countries long ago, prostitutes were highly respected, more than a man's wife even. Think about that some more, before you cast judgement)

You are right there. In Japan the Geisha girls were highly respected. They kept gentlemen company, entertained them in many ways and served them well. The geisha girls were treated with the upmost respect from all or most of the people of Japan. The girls were hand picked as a very young age and trained all their lives to become a geisha girl. Although I'm not so sure they were prostitutes to many, but were loyal to one man. And yes, the men were married. The geisha girls were their lovers on the side. Soul mates if you will.

If you never have seen the movie, "Memoir's of a Geisha", you should watch it. It's based on a true story. Or read the book.

In many culters prostitutes are looked down on and shunned. Women have worked hard and come a long way in society, and in a way, prostitues keep women pushed back because so many men only look at women as sex partners when we are much more than just sexual human beings.

I believe prostitutes give women a bad reputation and exploit their own bodies for a buck when they should find something better out there. These women have low self esteem and feel they are not worth more or better. Or they are deep into drugs and turn tricks to support their habit. It's not a profession that is looked on as a highly sucessful life/lifestyle.

Glorifying prostitues with a statue only makes it look like they are a martyr, royalty, some historian that has done great things. I personally would not want my daughter to look at a statue of a prostitute and think, "wow, she was a prostitute...she must of done something special or great, think I will become one too".
It's tasteless.