January 29, 2007


FINALLY...Beth comes out and says it like it is--THERE IS A COVERUP, and IT HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED. Let's not lose sight on the BIG PICTURE HERE. Opposers still believe it's about the island of Aruba and its inhabitants...anyone with common sense knows this is NOT ABOUT THAT. It is about the government and those that have enabled the cover-up of Natalee's death and disappearance. It is those individuals and the INSTITUTION that we are boycotting.

Wake up and smell the bullshit, people!!!

JONESBORO -- The mother of a missing 18-year old girl said Sunday afternoon that the disappearance has helped motivate her to talk about issues involving safety and visiting foreign countries. Beth Holloway Twitty -- whose daughter, Natalee Holloway, disappeared in May 2005 in Aruba and whose disappearance sparked international news coverage -- addressed nearly 400 people in Riceland Hall at the Arkansas State University Fowler Center.

Before her remarks, Twitty said her message was simple: Be mindful of everything. "My message should be a heads-up for kids," Twitty said. "Investigate the infrastructure, customs and laws of a country before going there. We sometimes think about worrying about the hotel or airfare, but there is a bigger picture."

Twitty, who received her master's degree in speech pathology from ASU, said her ordeal caused her to found an organization, called the International Safe Travels Organization, to help teen-agers and their parents investigate all issues before traveling abroad.

Twitty recalled the first days after her daughter's disappearance and the actions of the Aruban government. "We did everything we could in looking for her. There was a government coverup, and it has been documented," Twitty contended. "Yet we have remained respectful and have done the right thing."

The disappearance of her daughter received intense medi attention. Twitty said the media can help -- and has helped by detailing the stories of missing children, including two recently recovered in Missouri.

"[The media] can be a huge tool for parents," she said. "They can get the photo and information out there for people to see. It is speedy and has been incredible, with print and television. They have helped to solve many cases, and parents should always consider using them as a tool."

At the event, which was held to support the 2007 Northeast District Council of Youth Ministries of the United Methodist Church Scholarship, Twitty also discussed how her faith in God has helped her. "We have had hope," she said. "We have learned to have faith in God and learn to recognize hope. Millions of people, I know, prayed for us when the ordeal began. I can be in an airport and have people come up to me and say that I and my family are still in their prayers."

Twitty said that her organization has worked to build information about various countries and their relative safety or lack thereof. "It has become a valuable tool for young adults. It goes into in-depth issues, such as police and infrastructure," Twitty said. "We worked to create a 1-stop convenient location for the information."
She said officials at Auburn University were in the process of creating a curriculum based on information culled from sources.


Anonymous said...

Id love to see her words bring a legal battle that take Oduber and his cronies down.

Beth called you out Aruba... what do you have to say? prolly nuttin...spineless weasels.

Make no mistake, Oduber order this, and should pay the price.

Oduber returns from Miami on 6-9-2005 and the rest is history.

Aruba will pay and pay and pay and pay and PAY!

Whats the price for standing by the murdering Van Der Sloots? It keeps going up.

Good job Beth, tell it like it always was. THE TRUTH!

Aruba fears the TRUTH. Keep it coming!

We're all still here for ya Beth, and we aint going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

More American people watching Beth's speech than listening to Hillary. She has become the true voice of America.

Anonymous said...

Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway should stop wasting time and money with lawsuits in the wrong jurisdictions..if they have proof of a coverup, then hire the best lawyers in international law and file a lawsuit IN AUBRA. If the Kalpoes can sue here, Mrs. Twitty and Mr. Holloway should do the same in Aruba.

Deb357 said...

Whose to say that's not coming, hmmm?