January 02, 2007


Read this article first...the man is a complete tool. I actually laughed out loud at how poorly it was written, his misogynistic attitude, and his blatant errors in reciting the facts of the case. I'm actually embarrassed for him. This guy is a writer?

Now read Meri's Commentary:

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

If one is presenting oneself as a journalist it should be expected (at the very least) that said journalist has his facts straight.

The two boys who he refers to as "natives of Aruba" are in fact from Surinam.

The boy he refers to as "Swedish" is in fact Dutch.

There is NO racism involved here as the Kalpoe brothers (those so-called "natives of Aruba") fired the first shot by filing their lawsuit prior to the Holloway/Twitty suit.

Also, the Holloway/Twitty families attempted to sue Joran van der Sloot (the Dutch boy) and his father in NYC several months ago. There was NO racism involved whatsoever. Because Natalee Holloway was a teenager and may have done what many teenaged girls do while on her graduation trip, does that mean that she deserved to die and disappear?

Not only is this article full of factual errors but it is totally lacking in compassion. Shame on this reporter and in the future I suggest that he refer to himself as a wannabe journalist since he obviously has no clue what it takes to write a fair and balanced article.

Just the facts man, just the facts...


Anonymous said...

Be sure to let Mr. Phil Chroniger know what you think of his anti-Natalee article, "Year-end thoughts," by emailing him at letters@augustafreepress.com.

dennisintn said...

friday morning jan.5, 2007

see thenewdominion.com for reactions to chroniger's article. it's a real shame that people can't be lynched on the spot for being this heartless.

Michelle said...

Looks like the idiot did something right...he removed the article because the link is gone!