February 02, 2007


ARUBA singing REVIVAL song

(I can't wait until they eat those words...)


Badly dented by the disappearance of American teenager Natalie (SPELL HER NAME RIGHT IDIOTS!!!) Holloway in 2005, Aruba is rising a wave of Spanish investors in its tourism sector, with the number of arrivals to the island rising.

With efforts aimed at revitalising its tourism-based economy after suffering a six percent decline in arrivals in 2006 due to a bruising negative travel campaign surrounding the Holloway tragedy, (Hello? Didn't I tell you the boycott is working! I don't care what anyone says...if we didn't keep fighting, Aruba would continue to conduct themselves in the way they have for years.) the Dutch Caribbean island is opening its doors to Spanish investors in hotels and resorts.

Last May, Occidental opened its Occidental Grand Aruba as the island’s first luxury all-inclusive resort in which they pumped over US$24M. Spanish hotel chain, RIU Aruba Grand, recently purchased the Aruba Grand which is currently undergoing a US$120M face-lift and expansion. When completed, the hotel will open with 451 rooms, nearly tripling the original 170 rooms.

Aruba is a good place for investment and we have been (operative words: HAVE BEEN) successful in the US market. We’re interested in the European market as well, so for both sides it is a win-win situation, “ said Managing Director for the Aruba Tourism Authority, Myrne Janson-Feliciano.

“There’s a lot of Spanish investments in the Caribbean and they’re seeing it as an area of good, consistent business for their hotels,” said Aruba’s Tourism Minister Edison Briesen.

He also felt that the investment of the Spanish hotel chains and resorts will also lead to more Europeans visiting Aruba. “We’re looking at breaking into the European market, we want to diversify and we don’t want to be too dependent on the American market,” he said, adding the US comprises about 75 percent of the island’s tourism market share.

No one though is complaining about the Spanish investments in Aruba, which is beginning to recover from the decline suffered by the Holloway disappearance and which has already seen a rebound in November and December 2006. (Why is it they always claim they are on a rebound, but when the figures come out, it's total bullsh-it?)

With efforts aimed at revitalising its tourism-based economy after suffering a six percent decline in arrivals in 2006 due to a bruising negative travel campaign surrounding the Holloway tragedy, the Dutch Caribbean island is opening its doors to Spanish investors in hotels and resorts. (Help! We'll take ANYONE!)

Tourism minister Briesen said the negative travel campaign by Holloway’s mother and supporters (HELLO? Beth hasn't said a word about the boycott in months! Don't blame her...BLAME US!!!) had a huge impact on his island. “It had a huge impact,” he said, noting in August and September last year there was a huge PR campaign costing US$4M. It did not help when the island increased its hotel rates. “We’re around that corner now. We’re uphill again,” he said.

Aruba which describes itself as “one happy island” began to experience decline in tourists from the United States towards the end of 2005 and for most of 2006, following the disappearance of Holloway.Aruba which has a population of about 72,000 depends on the United States for about 75 percent of its tourists. Up to November 2006, US arrivals to Aruba was down by nine percent.

Jansen-Feliciano believes the negative fall-out from the Holloway disappearance is now in the past. “I think basically we have gotten over it,” she said citing over US$300M in investments starting last year. (Wishful thinking...ahh, but I forgot we are dealing with professional liars.) “In all phases of the tourism infrastructure, from hotel to airport to transportation, it’s all been very positive,” she said. “ I think we’re over that, investments are going on, there are really good prospects for tourism.” (Yeeah....rrriigght...)


dennisintn said...

roflmao, the spanish are likely to end up owning aruba again. what a turn of events.

Deb357 said...

Maybe they should think about WHY tourism went down because of the corruption and cover ups in Natalee Holloways case . Not think about tourism went down due to Natalee Hollway. Idiots!

Oh, and investments don't mean tourist will be returning.

Boycott Aruba!!!

Anonymous said...

Let them eat the Spanish Flies then. The decline is actually close to 10% including the collapse of their hotel timeshares ownerships. Most of these Spanish investors are Arabs, terrorists linked businesses registered in Holland. This Aruban trend towards terrorists relations have put the State Department in high alert.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish, Dutch and Chicano are low or no tippers. We don't see how the cab drivers can survive. It's all Deepak's fault. All the Arubans are cussing Deepak for their demise. They plan to hang him on the Divi tree when he lose his lawsuit in US.

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone from Spain is gonna make the trip across the Atlantic when they have their own Aruba right there. ITS CALLED IBIZA and they have all the drugs and crap you find on Aruba and its RIGHT THERE...


Next we'll hear tourism is booming because of all the arrivals from Siberia. Aruba you make me laff my ass off.

Youre done.


donald said...

Bottom feeders!

The MEP will not investigate crime so the bottom has dropped out of the real estate market.

The people are eating cake.

Duh! The course is clear to me, why not to you?

Anonymous said...

The Spainards enjoy swing games. The new Spanish Aruban Resort are remodeled exclusively for the swing couples. There are spy cams installed in each suite rooms for the swingers watching one other buzzing and cuckoing. The Dutch prefer gay swing better. So the Spanish and Dutch politicans can make good bedfellows. Many more American tourists would be shunt because of the outlandish European sin and evils. Aruba tourism takes another dive and commits suicide on its own making.

Anonymous said...

128000 is a lot of hits for any Natalee blog. Many Asian countries want to see Aruba's destruction so they can buy out the land for the construction of cargo container warehouses for South America market. ArubanBoucott is helping the destruction of Aruba for free of charge. Parama Canal Company are now bought by an Asain bank branch operating in London. It won't be long that Aruba will be folding its hotels and converted to storage housings. Very sad. The white sand will be mined and hauled away to pave the resort atolls in the Pacific Ocean.

Anonymous said...

My must the world stop when a white girl is missing? Bunch of teenagers go to a Aruba and drink all night.. Yeah, smart.

Michelle said...

This I WOULD NOT DOUBT. There are some pretty nasty people in this world and they make money off it.

When Malcolm X had Alex Haley write his autobiography, he described all the heinous things he did before he went to prison, changed his faith and tried to make a difference. Many of his wrong doings included sexual things with RICH white folks. He stated, "The more money they have, the freakier they are."

Michelle said...

Hey you...the anonymous pussy who can't use his or her name: Here's one JUST FOR YOU:

THE WORLD HAS NOT STOPPED. We are a group of people that want to see JUSTICE. Maybe you aren't familiar with that term. Nor are you a human being. Are you a sociopath?

I hope to God that if you ever go missing or are murdered and it goes unsolved NO ONE does SHIT for you, you low-life BASTARD.

I always have the FINAL WORD ON MY BLOG:

You have just received THE WRATH of Michelle. Don't bother writing back you f-ing TROLL.

Deb357 said...

Anonymous said...
My must the world stop when a white girl is missing? Bunch of teenagers go to a Aruba and drink all night.. Yeah, smart.

Sun Feb 04, 01:08:00 AM EST

Why must the world stop because one white girl goes missing? Do you hear yourself? Does not matter if they are white, black, red, yellow, purple, green, yellow or pink. Can't you people leave racism out of it?

Just because kids go to Aruba and drink or get drunk does not mean they deserve to be kidnapped and possibly murdered. And it does not give the corrupt police the right to cover up the crime or invade prosecuting the suspects for crimes they have committed. If you think they do then you are one sick and twisted bastard yourself.

Anonymous said...

When Aruba, Holland and Spanish are swinging in the open; Houston, we have a problem! said the US GPS Commander. The Dutch in Aruba are playing the simulated rape sex war games in their newest resort on the north beach of their little island. Their high frequecy Dutch secret devices are interrupting the US Space signals. The US Commander-in-Chief had ordered the Dutch to drop dead completely, OR ELSE.

Anonymous said...

NATO don't trust the Dutch Command anymore in Aghanistan due to the rampantly stolen opium harvests from the mountain framers by the Dutch soldiers. NATO appoints a US General to lead the Aghan armies to fight the Talibans and will arrest any Dutch troops found with the contrabound. The Dutch troops were corrupted by the Aruba sex scandals and murders.

Anonymous said...

I see no sign of any boycott in Aruba working. Their American Tourism is down, but do to a failing American economy. It is down everywhere that Americans visit! And anyone who has ever been to Aruba would be able to see that there are MANY European, Venezuelan and Canadian visitors. While I can see that people are upset about Natalee I find this entire blog juvenile and based on very little fact.