February 11, 2007


Joel Gove's Benefit Fundraiser to Reclaim Body
As Dutch End Assistance in his Disappearance

(Source)--Tears mixed with tender music at a benefit concert last night to raise funds to help search for the body of Trenton resident Joel D. Gove, who disap peared last year while hiking the tiny Saba Island in the Caribbean and is presumed dead. Gove's former wife, Amy Gonzales, hopes to raise enough money to pay for a search team to go back and retrieve Gove's body.

"We'd like to reclaim his body. That's the ultimate goal," Gonzales said. More than 100 people donated money to hear pianist Steve La Manna perform at the Ellarslie Mansion in Cadwaladar Park last night. Gonzales hoped to raise $20,000 from the concert.

She said it will cost $75,000 for the recovery effort. "We hope to get information on what happened to him, how he fell," Gonzales said. "Without having the visuals there is no closure. Our ultimate goal is to bring him home."

Searches of the island by Saba police and by friends and co-workers of Gove had been fruitless until mid-January, when Gonzales and friends of Gove went to Saba with cadaver dogs and other privately funded searchers.

...Gonzales would like to send out a search team as soon as possible "but we have to make sure we get the right people. If the Dutch won't do anything to reclaim his body we have to get our own private team."

Gonzales hopes the U.S. State Department will send a Marine Special Unit in the search. "It's not easy. You can't just send two or three people in there," she said. "We're talking 34 acres of area but you can't see more than five feet ahead of you." But, most important, she wants to be sure the searchers are safe. "We don't want anybody else to get hurt," she said.


dennisintn said...

i just love the "oh, well, just shut up, go home, and get over it" attitude of the dutch caribbean islands. maybe all the caribbean island are the same. terrible accidents and crimes happen everywhere on the planet. it's how they're handled in the aftermath that defines nations.

Deb357 said...

The Dutch don't seem to care for life, especially after possible death. They have made that very obvious in the past couple of years or more. It's truly a shame a country would take such a lax attitude towards human beings and helping lost loved ones. The Netherlands are not a poor country. They are a rich country. But they let their soverign isles starve.

The Dutch: "Ah well, so sorry you lost some one, we'd like to help, but we are cheap and crooks and won't spare a dime or the effort to help, see you next time".

Anonymous said...

honestly do any of you ppl have any clue as to what your talking about!!??

1st of all i just would like to say, everyone is entitled to there own opinion! However basing and option only on the stuff you've read on this site is crazy. More that half of the stuff on here is only one sided.

I live on the island of Saba, and when it came about that Mr. Gove went missing more than a dozen locals went to help search for him, also throughout the entire search there where quiet a number of locals helping Mr. Gove's family look for him, as everyone on the island is greatly sadend by this mishap.

Also Mr. Gove's family seemed pretty please by what all the island goverment, police dept. fire dept and locals etc. where doing to help find there loved one. The was an article in the Daily Herald which was a letter from the Gove family to the island government expressing there graditude.

I personally don't think it's nice to continue derating and bad talking someplace you all know nothing about. Saba's a nice, peaceful, beautiful, unspoiled island, please try and learn more about a place before being so quick to judge.

Michelle Says So said...

LISTEN UP! I am only reporting what the author of the original article wrote...I am quoting what Gove's ex-wife said. If you think the article is one sided, then link to the article and contact their writer!!!

I have already said in previous posts and comments that I'm not ripping on Saba...I'm ripping on the Dutch. Don't you get it? I could care less about Saba...I only care that it is owned by the Dutch. The Dutch government is SHADY and their laws and attitudes are much to be desired; and I will be being exposing them for what they are. NOT SABA.

So, what part of that did you not understand?!?!??!

Anonymous said...

What part of your argument do you not understand? By ripping on the Dutch you also rip on Saba, since Saba is owned by the Dutch. Your readers have and will continue to assume you are also ripping on Saba unless you clearly state otherwise!
And since you clearly stated in another article that you care about what happens to people, would you care about what happens to an American in another place of the world?? Or what about in an American territory? In the US Virgin Islands there are unsolved crimes against tourists, have you ever studied those? Or is it only the Dutch that you study?

Anonymous said...

We just want Joel home. That's all. It's time. Everyone who has been on Saba, family & friends, helping in the search has had NOTHING but kind words to say about the people of Saba. We all appreciate the huge amount of time that has been volunteered by the Saban people in this enormous effort. Now, we just have to figure out how to get Joel home. We all need closure, especially his daughter Georgia. I need closure. I love him. I miss him. This is a tragic thing but looks to be no one's fault... an accident. Hopefully one of our governments will come through. We are all writing letters to everyone. If they don't come through, we will raise the funds needed. So be it. What is meant to be will be. I, for one, put out only the most positive energy for the outcome of this process.
God bless the people of Saba... I look forward to visiting your island soon as a last goodbye to Joel. And God bless Joel and all those who have worked so hard to find him... especially Amy.