February 07, 2007


- The pilot of a private airplane coming from Cancun, Mexico was fined for not reporting carrying a huge amount of cash (20.000 dollars) with him when he arrived in Aruba.

The pilot was caught when he was transferring suitcases to another airplane that was going to the Venezuelan Isla Margarita. He was doing this without the authorization of the Customs Department. The pilot said that a ground-handler had given him permission and that it was not necessary to inform the authorities. When Customs asked him whether he had anything to declare, he said no.

While checking the suitcases, they turned out containing a huge amount of money. (Oops...by the way, I have $20,000 on me...is that cool?) Customs then decided to check both airplanes thoroughly. The pilot then declared that he needed the money to pay airport fees and fuel. He was allowed to leave after he had paid the 550 dollars fine. (That's it? I'm surprised they didn't extort him for more than that...)

The Custom Department announces that everybody that enters Aruba and carry with them more than 20.000 florins in cash has to declare that. Anybody that does not comply with these rules will be punished with confiscation, imprisonment of maximum 4 years, or a maximum of 100.000 florins fine.

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Anonymous said...

The terminnologies coded into their laws are replaceable. The Arubans might have mistaken the florines for dollars, or vice versa. 20,000 is 20.000. They knew that amount was the drug lord's money, and untouchable.