February 13, 2007


It shouldn't surprise any of us that the Dutch don't care what athletes do to themselves. We have a problem like that here in the U.S. particularly with NBA players using drugs (aside from performance enhancing drugs.) These athletes are criticized daily here on how they are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard because of their fans and especially the young fans who look up to these individuals. How would you like to root for an athlete that is stoned out of his mind?

Can you hear Payton Manning say, "It's halftime! Where are my munchies???"

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
-- Recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, and some others that don't help athletes perform better (like every other drug? Heroin, mushrooms, LSD, opiates, pills, cocaine, crack, meth...should I go on?), should be removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances, the Dutch health secretary said yesterday.

Clemence Ross was speaking at a closed conference in Amsterdam that is part of an ongoing review of WADA's World Anti-Doping Code. In remarks published by her office, Ross praised the code for "ensuring that (doping) is combated and punished in the same way everywhere in the world," but "it's always useful to remain critical about what can be improved." "WADA should focus all its powers on the core task, and spend its money and efforts that way," Ross said. "Combating soft drugs should be a task for the government." She said it didn't make sense to punish athletes for drugs on the banned list that don't necessarily boost an athlete's performance. (Who is this woman and what credentials does she hold to make that statement? What does she know about the effects of drugs and how they react to people...is she a doctor? A scientist? An addiction counselor? I doubt any of the above, that is why I don't understand why her opinion means JACK.)

WADA's review began in 2006 and will culminate in an update to the code at a major meeting in Madrid in November. Ross spokesman Jan Brouwer de Koning said that since the meeting is not open to public observers, it's impossible to say how much support the Dutch viewpoint has.

About 85 representatives of governments and various organizations were attending the two-day meeting ending today, he said. He said it was at least partly coincidence that Ross represents a country renowned for its relaxed approach to marijuana.


dennisintn said...

wonder how much money ol' clemence got for being the mouthpiece for the illegal drug industry? or maybe she was so high on what she touts for that she didn't really know what she was saying. either way, she sure has a hell of an attitude for someone who's supposed to care for people's health and welfare.

Anonymous said...

The new breed of marijuana weed the Dutch are pushing are 10 times as potentent and additive. Holland are greedy and they want to control the whole world market of illegal drug industry. Aruba and Saba will be made the new factories to grow the new genetic modified marijuana. NYC will be the major launch depot in US. You will hear from Joe T defending the introduction of the new weed.

Deb357 said...

Let the Dutch do their drugs and allow their athletes to continue on. They won't see a playing field in any World Cups, World Series Baseball, Cricket, Olympics ect...not with drug testings.

They will only continue to hurt their athletes programs and the future of their upcoming athletes and those of today.

But hey, it's ok, less USA or other countries will have to worry about to compete against, right?

Anonymous said...

Michelle is the most powerful and influencial blonde on the web. She blogged the Dutch Kingdom to death and into submissions. The way the economic shutdowns in Aruba are really scaring the damn Dutch to death. The Dutch authority have no other options but turning over the Joran trio to the US for the sacrifice. The Dutch want to wash their dirty hands. The dirty money from the Antilles are too important for the well being of the Kingdom. Plus the movies and book deals will give the Dutch a very positive image in the 2008 Olympic in China. The Germany and France Airbus Task Teams are also the main pressure group behind this Natalee Saga Closure.

Deb357 said...

The Dutch won't be in the Olympics or any type of wordly sports events as long as their boys drug testings return positive. Is a shame and sad because many athletes from Dutch are good. But, there is no place for drug users in the Olympics. It's frowned upon greatly and will NOT be tolerated. No exceptions, not even for the Dutch.