April 26, 2007


By Fred Taub, Boycott Watch

Boycott Watch was first to report that Aruba lied about tourism numbers when they reporting record growth as a result of the Natalee Holloway disappearance.

In 2005, Myrna Jansen, the managing director of the Aruba Tourism Authority was quoted as saying "now everybody knows Aruba" to explain why they claimed tourism numbers were up. The facts, however, show a different picture as evidenced by a report by the Central Bank of Aruba (Here) which revealed that tourism numbers to Aruba were actually down, despite Aruban Tourism claims to USA Today and other publications.

Ever since Boycott Watch reported false numbers by Aruban officials, our reports have been under fire mainly by Aruban officials, yet none of them have been able to refute our claims because we used their own actual numbers, including a report from the Central bank of Aruba in our reports. In fact, one such person who claimed via email to be a taxi driver while challenging our findings was actually the Aruba's tourism minister.

The latest attack against our reporting about Aruba comes from someone identifying himself as "Peter van der Vliet," a person who runs a blog to which we will not dignify with a link, and coincidentally has the same name of a Hilton Hotels officer for the Benelux division, be we do not believe these are the same people.

However, the veracity of the claims by the blogger makes Boycott Watch believe there may yet be some relationship or other interest in Aruba hotels by the claimant because the claimant's statements about the Holloway family and Aruba echoes the same wording of Aruba Tourism officials and their media statements.

At Boycott Watch, one of our strengths is that we stand firm when we are right, and we do not bend to or fall for PR campaigns.


Anonymous said...

The Dutch police investigators sound like are playing sands and getting drunk down there in Aruba. According to Joran's new playbook and his new predictions, he will be released from the murder suspects list, not J2 though, by the order of judge Rik Smid. Aruba Boycott Watch is the only option for all the Amercan people.

Tiffini said...

"Peter van der Vliet" is Ramm at BFN. WTF is Ramm's agenda with this case?

Rammstein said...

My agenda?

My agenda as always is truth. Mister Taub was not telling the truth in an earlier article of the boycott.

Everyone could easily see that tourism was down considerably in 2005 (latter part) and all of 2006. There was no need to embellish or cheat/use fraud to make a story and that is what Mr. Taub did. When I wrote him a private e-mail and reported my findings on BFN, he felt threatened or scared (don't know what which one it is) by the truth that he posted this stupid response claiming this was a "media campaign". Which is a really miraculous thing as I have neither stepped to the media or started a campaign. All I did was write the man an email and posted a story on BFN.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one. My agenda is always the truth??? Once again you have given me a good laugh. You wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit you on the butt. How's your new super cop doing. Has he cleaned up Aruba yet? Has he gotten rid of the corrupt cops? Of course he hasn't. Then Aruba would have NO police force. Please keep stopping by and spreading your pro Aruba propaganda. It keeps us amused.

marlaine said...

Obviously if so called "tourism" Was up after Natalie's murder it was due to the press cor. being there. If you ask me it's totally anti-American let alone a faux-pas to say you are going to Aruba.

Anonymous said...

so I saw You are BIASED!!! you filter the messages to publish ONLY the ones that support your irracional and by hate moved initiative to bias other readers about your fascist movement. Get therapy! becasuse that is what you need.