May 12, 2007


Surprise Search for Holloway Clues at One-Time Suspects' Home

Kalpoe Brothers Escorted From Property After Protest

ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- May 12, 2007

Dutch and Aruban investigators on Saturday went to the house of two brothers who were one-time suspects in the disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway, the Aruban prosecutors' office said.

The investigators conducted what they termed an "inspection" of the property where Surinamese brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe live with their parents, according to Vivian van der Biezen, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutors' office. (Losers! "Hi! I'm in my 20's and I live with my mom!" A real winner... I wonder if he (Deepak) uses that line to try and get laid. Oh...I forgot, he let's GHB do everything for him.)

A statement from the Aruban prosecutor's office said: "An inspection is a coercive measure aimed at observing or analyzing a specific place or circumstances under which a criminal offense may have been committed, or to establish facts related to a criminal case." (Is Karen Janssen still around? I find it funny that statement was released when they NEVER searched the Kalpoe's residence to begin with?! This is all complete BS...smoke and mirrors. They will come up with nothing and say, "Oh well, we tried...what do you want us to do?!" Well, I say until SOMEONE TALKS Aruba...WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!)

The Kalpoe brothers were in the family's home in Hooiberg, east of the Dutch Caribbean island's capital of Oranjestad, when investigators arrived Saturday morning. The siblings objected to the action and had to be escorted from the property by police officers, she said. "The brothers were not arrested," van der Biezen (Who is this Vivian van der Biezen? One of Janssen's cronies? And yes, they now have been "detained" [not arrested] for least that was my last unconfirmed report.) told The Associated Press, adding that the inspection lasted for about an hour.

She could not say what investigators were looking for. Nothing was seized from the home, according to the statement, and no further details were disclosed. The inspection of the Kalpoe home came more than two weeks after investigators from the Netherlands dug up earth for two days outside the home of former suspect Joran van der Sloot, reviving a case that had seemed to grow cold since the U.S. teen vanished during a school trip to Aruba about two years ago. (Let me tell you something ABC...this case has NEVER gone cold. We are keeping Natalee's name and life out there for everyone to remember. Besides, if it is such a ho-hum "cold case", then WHY are you reporting about it? It is so blatantly obvious that the mainstream media are "fair weathered fans" leeches. [i.e. Greta] They get what they want from you and toss you aside. WE THE PEOPLE have not forgotten!)

Paulus van der Sloot, Joran's father, told a Dutch television program that investigators seized diary notes and letters from him and his wife, as well as a personal computer that was returned later. (What MAN writes in a diary? Sounds sort of odd...fruity even. Did he start writing in this so-called diary AFTER Natalee went missing? If so, did he do that in order to cover his butt if asked about it later?) He felt his privacy had been invaded. (Boo hoo...not only was Natalee's life was invaded and distinguished under the evil seed you created, but so have her parents, family and don't give any of us your "poor me" routine.)

Read the rest of the article's a recap of what we already know, nothing's all blah, blah, blah.

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Anonymous said...

They are shifting the focus on the Kalpoes and bound them for the trial in LA Court soon. Joran will be released on May 30 based on his new book prediction.

Anonymous said...

bring them to LA and take them for a oneway cab ride to SE Central.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch elders clean their dirty hands, railroad the K2J all the way to the LAPD. The Americans want to watch more of the Court LA stuff for the summer. They are quite fed up with the Bush World War II.

Anonymous said...

France and England new governments turn tables with Netherlands. The Dutch Queen vents her anger and frustrations on the J2K. The Dutch corruptions had destroyed the Airbus economy in the whole Europe. The EU ministers want to outst the queen, they can no longer to tolerate the breakdown of the Dutch laws in Aruba. It is a danger to the peace of the world. The Euro bankers think the J2K is a small price to pay. They watch out for their pocket books. The ArubanBoycott is start to affecting their share of the American world market properity. The warning to them is the Dutch Oil and the Dutch Airlines are being shunted by the American travellers. England and France want to take over what the Dutch had lost. It is just a fair game. The Dutch Police are under the extreme pressure to close the case by May 30, to declare the J2K guilty and save the Dutch Kingdom from destructions.

Anonymous said...

They used the black Dutch bailer to handcuff the black Kalpoes. It's just a show. The Americans can never trust the Dutch anyway.

Anonymous said...

In the Friends of Asia conference, the EU represntives want the J2K formula, not just the J2 to resolve the Aruba crisis. The illegal practice of the Dutch legal system in Aruba had disgraced the authority of the Asian powers who question the honesty of the EU investors in the Asia giant hydropower electro developments.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church Clergy in Aruba were urged by Pope Benedict XVI's Vatican office to be zealous in reversing the declining tourism and Catholism on the tiny Dutch colony island in Latin America region. To do that is to help the Dutch Police to lock up the JK2 and sent them over to United States for the trial on the rape and murder of Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Some members of the KLPD in Aruba are retirees from the Dutch Navy who had a reputation of widespread drug abuse. They like to work hand in hand with the drug cops in Aruba. The KLPD searches are so far unorganized, unprofessional and random at will. May 30 deadline is counting. Aruba tourism just died completely. The Queen lost all her supporters in the Parliament. The LA Court rebuked the K2 attorney's briefings over the weekend long special meetings. The wrongful death lawsuit moves forward. Yesterday's handcuffing of the Kalpoes was just a show of the force applied by the LA Court under terms of Hague Convention.

Anonymous said...

The ALE is secretly burning the records of Natalee's murder case like the Nazi to prevent the opening by the LA Court and FBI.

Anonymous said...

The Court said the Claim made by Deepak Kalpoe against Dr Phil is premediated and consulted by his hires. His claim also engulfs the entirety of sufferings of Natalee. The Defendent is well prepared and aware of the Court's personal jurisdiction upon him under the American Constitution for the protection of missing American citizens aboard. However the Defendent submitted himself to the Court's supervision to look after his interests. In the eyes of American justice, the Defendent cannot witdraw his own interest, once the penetration of the American laws is made by the Defendent himself. The Court's jurisdiction is upon the Defendent and previals. The Defendents has to stand for trial on the date so declared by the Court.

Anonymous said...

The Queen and her Dutch judges have made many enemies outside the Netherlands boundaries. The member states signal that they will capture Joran if found invading their terrttories, and extradict him to America for imprisonment. Joran's lies has soiled the reputation of the entire Europe continent.