June 25, 2007


Suspects’ custody extended

"A lot of bags (isn't "a lot" an understatement?) were needed for carrying off the almost 1000 confiscated marihuana plants

ORANJESTAD – The Public Prosecutor has extended the custody of the five suspects that were arrested during a raid in Savaneta and San Nicolas last Wednesday, with another eight days.

Last Wednesday, the team of special projects of the police corps arrested the five men, L.R (could that be LORENZO?), J.V., R.V, D.W., and M.W. and confiscated 898 hemp plants, two live cartridges, five firearms, cars and money, during house searches in several homes. The Public Prosecutor indicated that the five suspects will be charged with possession of hemps, firearms, and live cartridges.



Anonymous said...

It's used to be pretty bad they stole the merchandise. Natalee forced a change on them ALE. They do want themselves look good in spite of bad Oduber government.

Boycott Aruba said...

Aruba is One "Drugged Up Island"!

Full of trash and gangs.

Lying Cops & Corrupt Government.

Boycott Aruba 4-Life

Anonymous said...

Aruba's tourism are way way down last month. May was supposed the peak season, couple cruise ships skip the Aruba port of call in favor of other Antillies. The bad publicity is really hurting Aruba's hotels.

Anonymous said...

The suuport of Aruba's silence on the Natalee's disappearance is eroding. Many Dutch ministers said the Aruban coverups are no longer working, causing bad climates in Europe. Everyone is blaming Netherlands for not doing enough to bring the Aruban government in line, and causing all the drug and women trafficking problems and prostitutions AIDS epidemic. The AIDS issues generate lot of pollutions causing the heat waves and rain storms which destroy the farmland and floods kill lots of people.

Anonymous said...

The prisoners have to pay for their food or they will be starved to death. The prison budget was cut early this early due to the lost of tax dollars from the American tourists.

Anonymous said...

Many new business jets owner operators will not land at Aruba for refuel and entertainments due to the poor airport services, bad public safety records and high taxes. Aruba is committing economic suicide. They lost all the high end customers.

Anonymous said...

Are you people serious? You would really not go to a beautiful island because of one girl who got lost here and her case isn't solved?
What if people started boycotting the U.S for all the people that have gone missing there! I'd probably guess your economy would suck even more. Your way of thinking is what keeps your country from progressing!!!