August 30, 2007



The Dutch are like those in George Orwell's book, 1984, trying to 're-write' history. Guess what?! This isn't a book! It's real life! And when you lie, you get BUSTED! What do you think these people, including Aruba, are willing to do next to save their reputations and their floundering island?


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A Dutch royal couple acknowledges altering a Wikipedia entry about a 2003 scandal that forced the prince to renounce his claim to the throne.

Prince Johan Friso, son of the reigning Queen Beatrix, and Princess Mabel of Oranje-Nassau are the latest to be embarrassed in a spate of discoveries of vanity changes to Wikipedia entries. Such self-serving amendments are frowned upon in the Web encyclopedia that "anyone can edit."

The original scandal broke in 2003 when Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende refused to support the prince's marriage to the princess, then known as Mabel Wisse Smit.

The prime minister said he objected because she had given him "incomplete and incorrect information" about a romantic liaison she once had with a druglord. Wisse Smit later conceded knowing the drug dealer but denied any sexual relationship.

With government approval of the marriage withheld, the prince had to choose between Wisse Smit and his place as second in line to the throne. They married in 2004.

On Jan. 8, 2006, someone using a computer at Huis ten Bosch, the royal palace in The Hague, altered the Wikipedia entry on Wisse Smit that had said she "gave misleading and false information" to Balkenende. The new entry removed the words "and false."

Wikipedia shows the time and IP address — the numerical identifier of each computer on the Internet — of edits made by someone who doesn't sign on with a user name.

After the connection between the 2006 edit and the palace recently circulated in the Dutch media, Friso and Mabel acknowledged they were the revisionists.

"They both made the changes together in order to make the entry match the letter which they sent to the prime minister (explaining why they misled him) in 2003," spokesman Chris Breedveld said Thursday. The couple feel that due to repeated mistakes in the media, an "incorrect version of events has arisen," he said.

Similar self-interested Wikipedia edits have popped up for years in government and business. The finds accelerated this month after a U.S. graduate student developed an online "Wikiscanner" to more easily track the sources.


Anonymous said...

All the wedding pictures were destroyed, removed, vanished and white washed from all the royal websites. The nerve wacking rumor was the princess had a secret miscarriage and nobody knew what the real father of the unborn baby was.

Michelle Says So said...

Now we see the true side of the Dutch. If they lie about irrelevant things like this, then how do we expect them to be truthful about investigating Natalee's case?

DO NOT TRUST THE DUTCH...they are just as EVIL as Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The Queen also had a miscarriage once. Check the Dutch hospital website now.

Anonymous said...

Search Results1 - 10 of about 1,310 for queen beatrix miscarriage - 0.23 sec. (About this page)

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A series of miscarriages also contributed to a crisis in their marriage. ... In the war, she felt she was a "Queen-On-Guard" - 51k - Cached

Michelle Says So said...

What does the queen having a miscarriage have to do with this? It is not scandalous to have a miscarriage.

As for the "princess" having a miscarriage by an unknown man, I would guess it would be the "drug lord" she was involved with. Why else would she alter the wiki statement?

Also, why are they trying to hide this fact years after their wedding? Who cares?

Now they have been caught for lying and distorting the truth, it makes them look GUILTY and it makes them look like LIARS.

I wouldn't trust a Dutch as far as I could throw them into a windmill with their little wooden shoes.

Anonymous said...

Royal Genealogies Part 16
Queen Beatrix of Netherlands. Irene. Margaret. Mary Christina ... were at least six other stillbirths or miscarriages of unknown or unrecorded sex. - 27k - Cached

The Dutch law said It is not scandalous to have a miscarriage if the royal miscarriage is not self-introduced.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch injustice is a royal miscarriage of the Dutch law. It will destroy the Kingdom.

Michelle Says So said...

Anonymous said, "In the war, she felt she was a "Queen-On-Guard""

Why would you trust wiki after this???

Although the Queen DID marry a German man, Claus von Amsberg, who was closely associated with the Nazi party during the WWII. He was also a member of Nazi youth organizations. That is more scandalous than having relations with a drug lord.

Isn't that the life of those people? Drugs, sex, money, debauchery...

Anonymous said...

Queen Wilhelmina and Queen Beatrix, two generations of royal marriages to the Nazi, you go figure.

Aruba is just another Nazi evil self inflicted miscarriage of the Dutch justice bastard from Holland. The American people are getting more angry as they get to know more about the Dutch injustice done to Natalee Holloway.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the life of those people? Drugs, sex, money, debauchery... kidnaping, gangrape, murder .... coverup and corruptions ... the Dutch way.

Anonymous said...

Queen Beatrix holds the real power. The Dutch people can read her lips, but her words cannot be quoted or disagreed with. That dogma had been written into the Dutch Constitution since Queen Beatrix took power. If she wants Ramm dead, Ramm will be gone tomorrow. The same will happen to Joran if the Queen wish. Queen Beatrix loves her second son Prince Johan the dearest. Her first son was of an accidental conception. Her unexpected premaritial pregnancy had put the Dutch royal family in untold pains and crisis. Beatrix's marriage to a Nazi youth was a very unfortunate and unhappy event. However, Nicolas, her husband was a very clear womanizer and was able to smooth and work things out. Johan was a planned pregnancy to bind the love between Beatrix and Nicolas. Now this Princess Mabel came into the mid of the Dutch royal court, and she is fighting the Queen Beatrix, and kind of upetting everything. Princess Mabel is from the South America Drug Lord culture. She is for Aruba. That's why the Dutch Justice is in such a mess today. Ramm is suspected to be a distant relative of Princess Mabel.

Anonymous said...

I guess it doesn't matter. Aruba is corrupt. And so is the Royal Family in Holland. No wonder why the Holloway family can't get Justice.

Anonymous said...

I see that Aruba isn't the only place that likes to change how actual events happen. The Royal family also likes to. It's amazing how little ethics the Dutch and Aruban have.

Anonymous said...

Now I see where Aruba get's it from. They just follow the example of Holland. Both are cesspools

Anonymous said...

Truth stranger than fiction as author jailed Reuters - 2 hours ago
WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish crime writer has been jailed for 25 years after authorities found he had committed a murder that had been described in one of his thrillers, officials said Wednesday.

Think the same thing will happen to Joran soon. Unfortunately the Dutch Royal Family and KLDP are lying for his defense.

Anonymous said...

US President George W. Bush leaves the Netherlands after a 17-hour visit highlighted by a commemorative service at the American military cemetery in Margraten. Both Bush and Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende spoke at the ceremony and jointly thanked the soldiers who freed Europe from Nazi Germany 60 years ago. Bush flew into the Netherlands on 7 May, staying at the Hotel Ch√Ęteau St Gerlach in Houthem. Some nine people were arrested during his visit as several small-scale protests were held across the country.

As long as our president is still at the white house, the Dutch continue their lying and are proud of it. You will never find Natalee that way. Vote the Dutch out.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch government is worried about the image Holland has on the world stage. This week there was a world meeting of all Dutch ambassadors and at that meeting foreign affairs minister Bot said that he sees it as his mission to adjust the caricature image Holland has. He pointed to the negative caricature the world news had made of Holland as a drug using, prostitute, coke sniffing child killing country. The ambassadors need to adjust the image that the Netherlands and the Dutch Royal Family have no norms and values. Holland is a down-to-earth, open and corrupt sex drug tolerant country with a lazy stupid national police like KLPD fooled by Aruba's ALE.

Anonymous said...

Royal Dutch Shell plc .com

News and information on Royal Dutch Shell Plc

At Shell, our motto is profits before employee safety, as former Group Auditor, Bill Campbell will confirm. My WSJ sketch (left) is reproduced as per Fair Use Notice.
You can contact the webmaster, John Donovan, by email at

Boston Globe: Behind the e-curtain: WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia: Royal Dutch Shell rewrote a benign description of the company…
Posted by Royal Dutch Shell at August 26th, 2007

Globe Editorial
August 26, 2007

WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia, seems like a democratic fountain of facts, because anyone can add to or edit its storehouse of knowledge. Google “Nellie Bly” or “photon,” and the first results the search returns are helpful Wikipedia entries describing the journalist and the unit of energy.

But Wikipedia’s sweeping compendium of information also suffers from the pollution of pranksters, publicists, self-interested pundits, and the merely misinformed.

The problem is that readers can’t easily tell who is saying what, so it’s hard to tell which of Wikipedia’s roiling masses of contributors can be trusted.

Fortunately, a new Web tool is lifting the veil of anonymity. WikiScanner, created by Virgil Griffith, a California Institute of Technology graduate student, lets readers search Wiki’s editing changes to see who wrote what.

It’s a remarkably crowded virtual copy desk. Wiki editors write from the offices of the National Rifle Association, Al Jazeera, Pfizer, Raytheon, the Department of Homeland Security, the Vatican, Bob Jones University, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency — as well as unaffiliated friends, neighbors, and relatives.

And, no surprise, lots of people are editing to make themselves look better. Corporations, or at least people who use their computers, are brushing up their Wikipedia entries, deleting descriptions of controversies or buffing up facts. The companies giving themselves wiki-face lifts include Pepsi, Wal-Mart, and ExxonMobil.

There are plenty of scams and put-downs. Wired Magazine, which first broke the WikiScanner story, asked readers to submit their own WikiScanner findings. Among them: In 2005, someone using a computer inside Royal Dutch Shell, the oil company, rewrote a benign description of the company, claiming it is “run by a group of geriatrics who find it impossible to make timely decisions and have an aversion to highly-profitable ventures.”

Wikipedia also has good Samaritans: people who clean up grammatical and factual errors and misspelled words.

So while hours of fun will probably be had by WikiScanners, there’s also an important if antiquated lesson here: Don’t believe everything you read.

The Internet is great at fostering democracy when it creates more access to original sources of information, from scientific databases to the Congressional Record. And Wikipedia shines when it does the same, offering entries with links to such sources. But democracy alone doesn’t create truth. Users, especially students, still have to be wary of spin, fluff, and falsehoods.

It’s exciting to try to get at the truth in sprawling editing groups. But as WikiScanner shows, its also important to identify the editors and judge the truth they tell.

© Copyright 2007 Globe Newspaper Company.

As a result of these Dutch criminals, the oil company are made into a corruption and coverup tool taken advantage by the Dutch Royal Family. Princess Mabel married Prince Frisco because she wanted the rich shares of the oil company owned by Queen Beatrix. Princess Mabel just gave birth to her second child, she is gaining the royal clan political clout. Mabel wants Frisco back into the succession line for the throne. The older prince brother is said to have cancer and becoming ill. The Queen tried to deny Mabel's access to the Royal Palace Intranet. The Royal Family Feul gets ugly when all these Aruba scandals and lying are hitting the fans. Ramm has been silenced due to Mabel's involvement. He just talked too much and got himself exiled.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Portugal and Dutch Police are corrupt, dirty and lazy. They are not actually looking for the missing white girls like Madeleine and Natalee. The dirty police are blaming the victims, their mothers. That's their easy way to cop out. Please note that the Portugulse and Dutch are the largest licensed drug dealers in the world. Their queens are very corrupt and promsmicuous. That makes their kingdoms very dangerous for the tourists.

Anonymous said...

More Dutch sleeze reported by the Associated Press.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - A Dutch aviation services company, its owner and two other companies have been charged with exporting parachutes and aircraft parts to Iran in violation of U.S. embargoes, federal prosecutors said Tuesday

Authorities allege the defendants bought the items from companies in Connecticut, Arizona, Florida, Kansas and New Hampshire. The charges also include making false statements on export control documents.

"Keeping America's critical technology from falling into the hands of state sponsors of terror has never been more important," Assistant U.S. Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said.

The defendants named in the recently unsealed complaint filed in Washington are Aviation Services International B.V., an aircraft parts supply company based in the Netherlands, and the company's owner, Robert Kraaipoel.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Kraaipoel, a Dutch citizen who is believed to be living in the Netherlands. Dutch customs officials are also investigating Kraaipoel's business practices, U.S. officials said.

The company has not yet appeared in court, and no defense attorney was listed in court documents.

The other defendants were the Dutch companies Delta Logistics L.V. and TPC, B.V., both owned by Kraaipoel's son, prosecutors said. The son has not been charged.