September 20, 2007


The Netherlands: 'Governmental
power of Aruba unsatisfactory'

– The Netherlands wants a dialogue with Aruba about the differences in opinion on the desired autonomy and the governmental power of the island.

The Netherlands has noticed that 'regularly there are indications of governmental incidents' and the governmental power qualifies as unsatisfactory. Same arrangements on good governance must therefore be made with Aruba as with the Antillean islands on their way to a new political structure. This is stated in Chapter IV Kingdom Relations of the Dutch 2008 budget presented to the Dutch Parliament today. Aruban ministers have often declared themselves openly in favour of independence.

Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) said that he is ashamed of his Dutch passport and that he prefers an Aruban one. Also Prime Minister Nelson Oduber had the word independence in his mouth recently, when the Plant NV deal failed. He even forbid his civil servants to take part in the negotiations regarding the new political structure of the Antilles.

In the meantime, the Aruban government seems to be seeking rapprochement again. The governor said last week during the opening of the new parliamentary session that the government strives for strengthening the ties with the partners within the Kingdom.

The Netherlands now wants a dialogue with Aruba to improve the island's government and tie this into conversations on political adjustment and conversations on the cooperation program that comes to an end in 2009.

However, Aruba would like the Netherlands to continue participating in the Fondo Desaroyo Aruba (FDA). But up till now, the Netherlands has been varying her expressions on this. There is a political deliberation on the continuation of the development relation in the fall of 2007.

The maintenance of law and order program is
part of this and will be included in the discussion.

Important point of interest is the immigration policy, according to the Netherlands. The support from the Netherlands for the public finances will continue. The dept-quote is anticipated to increase with one percent this year to 47.5 percent of the gross domestic product (BBP). The real growth in relation to the BBP is estimated on 1.5 to 2 percent. The Netherlands bases herself on the figures of the Central Bank of Aruba.

"As part of promoting the autonomy of the Kingdom partners, it is of great importance that the countries are not too dependent of third parties financially. This is expressed in a reduction of the debt-quote of both countries." The Netherlands is also of the opinion that thanks to a favourable economic development (Hello? Someone is in serious denial about that...unless they are talking about the money laundering, drug and sex trafficking...), the Aruban government can have the budget deficit under control with some specific measures.

As part of the political renewals, the Solidarity fund between the islands of the Neth.Antilles and Aruba will be canceled out. This is a financial benefit of 4 million euro for Aruba that can be put in the FDA.


Anonymous said...

There is a secret ballot for the new term Aruban government of Odubar to push upon the new members of the new Aruban parliament to pass a law for Aruba to declare independence without the consent of Holland. In other words, it is to void and deny the authority of the Queen over Aruba. Aruba will become a new nation under the new president Nel Odubar. Aruba will annex Curaco and Bonnaire to form the new Aruba United Islnads of Antillies. Currently Chavez is financing a new Aruban army training program.
So it's the Queen's fault not rein in Odubar of the coverup of the rape and murder of Natalee Holloway. That corruption and police coverup turn itself into a runway rebellious Aruban seeking it's independence from the Netherlands KIngdom and join the Chavez Venezuelan government to challenge the domination of USA in the Dutch Antillies' anti-drugs interdiction jurisdictions. The situation for the survival of the Kingdom is grave. The Dutch people are calling for Odubar's outst and exile.

donald said...

You would think that a new constitution would be required and ratified by the people to make such a change. The suggestion that this can be done by "secret ballot" is borderline ludicrous.
Annexing Curacao is equally unbelievable as they have just come to terms with their new status in the Dutch system.
The part about Chavez financing an army training program isn't very believable either as Aruba has no army to train.
Other than that I agree with what he says. LOL

Anonymous said...

Aruba is unthinkable and sinkable. The Holland's red light is fading, the day of West Indies colonist is gone. The Dutch empire finally crumbles under the weight of corruption and coverup of the Natalee's case. Chavez secretly armed Odubar's ALE forces with the latest Russian weapons of lethal destructions, like tasar guns and poison tarts. They can kidnap and kill any Americans or Dutchmen set foot on the Antillies. They are using the American judge's order as an excuse to break up the Dutch Empire and hijack Aruba and Antillies from the Queen Beatrix. As an European tradition, the Queen will have to commit suicide to redeem her failure to defend her Kingdom. The Dutch people do not want this tragedy happens to the Royal Family. They urge the Queen to arrest Joran and Paulus in time to save the Dutch people and her Majesty from perishment. The red light is dying out for Holland. The end is near. Very, very sad for the world to watch this dying Dutch Dynasty under the rule Beatrix.