February 08, 2008


According to the local radio station Cool FM and a journalist of the Dutch current affairs column Network, a half brother of Joran, a Lorenzo van R., does fit the profile. He does have a boat and his name has already appeared earlier in the Holloway-file. Peter R. de Vries has confirmed having heard of Lorenzo van R.'s name, but that he didn't want to use him for his programme.

The Dutch programme Nova and other media have also mentioned other names, especially names of boys that often hang about the 'surfing circuit' near the Fisherman's Hut next to the Marriott.

What about Freddy? Joran's best friend? He slept over at Joran's the night Natalee vanished!


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Stuart said...

Those boys in Aruba are like in a pretend mafia organization. Every one in their little high school marijuana /sex club couldn’t wait to be a team player and to take a hit for the team. 1) The Kalpoe boys lied for Joran. 2) Koen lied for Joran. 3) The DJ lied for Joran. And there are more. This does not necessarily mean that any of these men were involved or even knows what happened, it just means that they wanted to be in the in-crowd and were almost fighting each other to jump into the line of fire for the team. All for one, one for all. Like Clintons Travelgate etc. How far people will go for acceptance or for ambition. Just look at the stupid things Joran did to try to be accepted by Van der Eem. (the man who recorded him in Holland)

Here is my analysis:

Jorans description of the fictional Daury was a conglomeration of many people he knows. 1) Daury whose name he used. 2) Koen who was my very best friend since childhood. 3) Lorenzo, the sinister and reclusive Clint Eastwood type character who lives alone and cannot be bothered with much. 4) Paulus, the wise man who says keep to your routine as to not arouse suspicion and so on.
Now to narrow down who Jorans real accomplice is:

1) We already know it isn’t the real Daury. (He was not in Aruba at the time of the crime)

2) Joran dismisses and insults the Kalpoe brother on the tapes, so they are off the list of suspects.

3) It seems that Koen is too much of a sissy crybaby for Joran to have considered calling. And he wouldn’t have had the cool headedness to guide Joran as to strategy while checking for signs of life in Natalie.

4) Lorenzo is probably too high in drug dealer society to bother with a worm such as Joran. But Joran also mentions on the tapes I pleaded with him to help me and not to call the cops. A high ranking drug distributor would never call the cops if Joran had something on him as well. So maybe Lorenzo would have had no other choice but to help Joran, Daury won’t turn against me because I have stuff on him as well.

5) Possibly his daddy Paulus, but I kind of doubt that Joran, with such an unusually active and loyal group of cronies would have wanted to call his Papa first (assuming I am correct in postulating that all these boys are almost like a Mafia or a Scientology type cult in their loyalties to each other).

Conclusion: The identity of the real Daury, the man who helped Joran dump Natalies body in the ocean is Freddy Arambatzis Zedan. It is so suspicious that Freddy didn’t try to join with the other boys who were excitedly conjuring up false alibis for Joran, to be included in this grand adventure just like in the movies. Freddy was staying overnight at Jorans pad the night Natalie disappeared. He seems to be a confident and cool headed individual who is also central to the clique of teenaged drug dealing date rapists, (he was later arrested for activities involving the date rape drugs, he would empathize with Jorans situation). And also, Joran had stuff on him as well. I think that after Freddy dumped the body, he had had enough of the adventure and now wanted to stay out of it as much as possible. The other boys, still intrigued by the whole thing were excitedly trying to outdo each other to get more involved in the cover-up.