January 12, 2006


Gov. Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, MS 39205

Dear Gov. Barbour:

Although I am not a Mississippi resident, I trust that you will allow me to pass along my comments as a concerned American. I was distressed that you have announced your opposition to the proposed tourist boycott of Aruba in the case of Natalee Holloway.

It should be remembered that the Holloway Twitty family originally opposed a boycott when it was suggested. Some time later, after facing months of evasions, lies, duplicity and insults from members of the Aruban government, they concluded that a boycott was the only tool available to generate genuine Aruban cooperation in the investigation.

Many Americans believe that, at a minimum, the federal and state governments have some moral and legal obligations to our citizens who are abroad. The State Department, apparently putting diplomatic relations above all else, has said that it opposes a boycott.

Yet it offers no alternative ideas on how to get the investigation moving. Nor did you.

The Aruban authorities, at best, have demonstrated incompetence in their investigation. The suspicion is widespread that they are engaged in a cover-up to protect the three main suspects and their families, and perhaps others, even as they seek our tourist dollars.

Nobody proposes that Americans should be barred from visiting Aruba. Many of us, however, believe that a boycott will demonstrate support for the Holloway Twitty family. It is not much that they seek: the recovery of their daughter, or her body, and punishment for the guilty. They deserve assistance from our government in this. Please reconsider.


Richard R.
Boycott Aruba-Justice for Natalee member

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Phil said...

The governor of Mississippi has a lot more issues to deal with right now than promoting a meaningless symbolic boycott. How absurd it would have been for Governor Barbour to have held a press conference to tell the people of Mississippi to boycott Arubua meanwhile hundreds of unidentified bodies from the hurricane sit in refrigerated trailers in Gulfport. Besides that, the people of Mississippi have been and currently are the brunt of boycotts and don't take kindly to the tactic. Governor Riley best start looking at his own state and how Birmingham is quickly becoming a murder capital instead of wasting his own time on symbolic measures.