February 13, 2006


"If you are the victim of a crime while on vacation, chances are you will hotfoot it to your nearest embassy or the next town to whine to the police. They will look very concerned, have you fill out all kinds of paperwork, and assure you with religious solemnity that this is an outrage against humanity and this case will receive their utmost attention. Of course a small gratuity to ensure the case is brought to a speedy conclusion is appreciated. You won't hear them chuckling as they slip your fiver in the tea money chest and slide your police report in the trash."

--Excerpt from the book, "The World's Most Dangerous Places" by Robert Young Pelton


Anonymous said...

Aruba is the most dangerous tourist island. The taxi cabs there don't have a fix semaphore (signs, lights) on the hardtop for the tourists to identify and recognize. They have some funky plastic removable sign on the dashboard which anyone can fake them. The cabs don't have makings on the car body. You can't tell a taxi cab from a private sedan at a dark corner of the street. That makes Aruba the most dangerous spot for women travellers.

Anonymous said...

In case you guys wanted to know, MSNBC listed their spring break destination guide. Aruba is in the top 10, and they call the boycott a failure.


I guess it did not work.

dennisintn said...

fasten your seatbelt, hotshot, the ride is just beginning.

^^ said...

Required viewing: Memory of a Killer

Anonymous said...

Here's places of the top 10 spring break destinations and Aruba isn't on the list.






Spring Break Hot Spots according to
traveler's digest.

10. Bahamas

9. Rosarito, Mexico

8. Key West, United States

7. Daytona Beach, United States

6. Mazatlan, Mexico

5. Jamaica

4. South Padre Island, United States

3. Lake Havasu, United States

2. Cancun, Mexico

1. Panama City, United States


Sue said...

For all the kids that go to Aruba, I woudl drug test their asses when they get back