February 20, 2006


If once is good, twice must be better?

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Blogger
Vermont, USA

First you debased yourself and your audience by giving the family a free ride on puff piece "Good Morning America." Now you bring them to New York. Did you take them to see the Statue of Liberty? Did Joran gaze at the symbol of freedom with a lustful look in his eye ... or was he smirking at his star status? Maybe he caught on to the credo of today's news ... celebrity, or infamy (the two seem to be equivalent these days) is the all.

True, the process of the law did catch up with them ... I'm sure you were red-faced in your apologies that they weren't exempt from our legal workings. But no matter ... you'll shelter them. After all, look at what they are doing for you. No shirking on treatment for a son who has been trapped in over 20 lies, a father who coached his son to deceive and deny, and a mother whose main achievement seems to be denial of reality.

Will you give other criminals star treatment too? Maybe you've got an eye out for a movie ... starring Joran van der Sloot! He does have the ability to lie ... and smirk ... and kill?

I can imagine the reaction of Natalee's parents had they found out that Joran had come to New York on an all-expenses-paid trip to get a hands-off media freebie. What would you think of next, a "meet the van der Sloots at home" special?

I doubt that you are capable of understanding the utter lack of decency that this episode displays. I am certain that if you could, you wouldn't care. But if you have a minimum sense of fairness, not to mention the obligatory nod to journalistic credos, you will give the Holloway Twitty family or their representatives a chance to raise some questions. I'll volunteer ... I have a long list. Or would the notion that the bereaved family has some legitimate concern in your media joy ride be too difficult for you to grasp?

I do congratulate you ... I once said that you could not act in a more contemptible manner than you did with "Good Morning America." As things stand now, I expect to be proven wrong.


Lake Erie Princess said...

In view of the recent actions of ABC, I am in favor of Boycotting them as well as Aruba. Will they go to NO lengths to gain an interview with scum of the earth like the Sloot's ?

BOYCOTT ABC ! They suck !

Next their program guide will have a listing for an exclusive interview by Charles Manson to tell his story ! U know he's innocent too !

Michelle said...

I admit, ABC sucks and it's the BIG GUYS' decision to choose money over ethics and morales. But there's NO WAY I can boycott ABC. LOST is my favorite show!

Anonymous said...

I dont read national enquirer but here is a poll they are doing to ask if they think Joran had something to do with Natalee's disappearance. It's about 90 % yes so far.


BlackHawk said...

I don't care what venue joran is on because all he does is lie...an he will continue to lie because his whole life is nothing but lies..a sad looking sissy boy that's all he is...all good things come to those who wait....Keep up the pressure!!!

Anonymous said...

The sisy look of Joran let you know he is a cold blood killer. He is the sex predator on the island. All the women in Aruba are in danger including his own mother Anita. This lunatic predator one day will rape and murder his own
mother Anita because she got him turned on. Look at Joran keeps rubbing and squeezing Anita's back and neck and shoulder, those are sexual body languages, and Anita allows these aweful gestures showing in the TV interview. May
be Anita just enjoying all herself. Anita looks more attached to Joran as a male companion than her estranged hubsy Paulus. Somebody suggests incest may happen in Aruba. South America has a history of incest culture. The civil suit is the way to go. Now Satish is being dragged into his bigger lies, let's hear from ABC what else they can get it from Joran. One thing I don't understand why ABC want to defend this cold blood killer so eagerly. Is this just for their ratings?

Sue said...


The prime suspect in the Natalee Holloway mystery got a terrifying scare when he received an explosive e-mail that said he would be killed if he went to school. The message to Joran van der Sloot, 18, read: "Don't go to school on Monday — turn yourself in to police or we will kill you. Me and my associates are booking reservations to Holland and are going to come and kill you."

Though Dutch-born Joran has received death threats several times before, this one was sent to a private e-mail address that only a few of his closest friends know about.

It spooked the teen so much that he quit his school in Arnhem. A source told The National Enquirer: "Joran was really frightened — and his family took it so seriously they told him not to go to school."

For more on Joran, pick up this week's issue of The National Enquirer.

Published on: 02/17/2006
I have to admit Im laughing my ass off.... Someone got his email that only a few of his closest friends had .. he has NO close friends they all want the reward
why hasnt he run back to mommy and daddy to stay in Aruba?? Oh thats right they have a red light district in Holland and drugs and booze are easy to come by

Anonymous said...


crede to konerko said...

Great call on Lost!!
And - I don't see what is wrong with giving the Van Der Sloot family a venue to answer questions, or point out their side of the story. After all - Beth has many outlets she speaks on daily! So why should the Van Der Sloot family not be allowed to talk? Let's see the interview before you throw ABC under the bus. Let's be objective and see what they do.

Adam Levine said...

I live in Coconut Grove in south Florida and we're having an ABC Primetime party Thursday night. Got 200 people coming so far. If anyone lives close and wants to come, leave a note. Doesn't matter what side you're on, although most are pro VDS. Most just want to see the VDS be able to tell their side of the story. It's only fair. The Twitty's have been doing for 8 months. Turn around is fair play, get it???

Tyler Holly said...

I can't wait until Thurday!!! Why is Beth and JQK so afraid of what the VDS are going to say??? They've had unfettered access to the media for 8 months and we know now that alot of what they said wasn't true. What in the world are they so scared of? It certainly isn't normal behavior, unless you've got something to hide!?

Sue said...

Primetime Will not ask the hard questions either, they will sugar coat the interview for this poor little boy what a joke, they need to get in his face and get down and dirty

Michelle said...

I'm glad you are wetting your pants over this interview when the questions are written by PVDS and his attorneys.

I'll ask you this question: If Beth has been on the news for 8 months, then where have the Van der Sloots been? Hiding behind bushes, that's where. Oh, and the casinos.