March 01, 2006


After reading Scared Monkey's post this morning about Dompig's REFUSAL of allowing Texas Equuasearch to come back into Aruba for more searches made me think, “WHAT the F*&@?” Tim Miller even offered to search the dunes with their own equipment at NO COST to the Aruban people or government. Aruba has long complained that they have used so much of their own money in order to complete their failed investigation.

It has now come to the point where Aruba has blatantly laid it out on the table. They are clearly stating, “We are hiding something. We do not want you
to find out. We do not want you on our island. We want you to go away.”

Guess what, Aruba...WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY! I can say with 100% certainty that no one involved in finding Natalee is going away. The longer this drags on, the more people will question you and turn against you. It won't be just about Joran, Paulus, Satish, Deepak, et al., it will be about Aruba's secrets. The secrets will be exposed. The Netherlands government will be exposed.

Unless you allow us to find Natalee, then this will never go away. Your happy little island will wither and drift away into the Bermuda Triangle. And that’s a promise I plan to keep for a girl named Natalee Holloway.


Anonymous said...

Some blogs posted last June by Shango implied that voodole cannibalism of white virgin meat for eternal youth among the island elder government officials. The cult performed the feast that night at the sand dunes underground caves near the lighthouse trail. Some bones and relics may have been swept under the sand by the westerly wind.

Dan in Tx said...

The FBI called ALE's bluff and ALE blinked. The FBI refusal to assist in the dunes was basically their way of telling ALE, "You're full of shit and we have no confidence in your abilities". ALE's refusal to let TES search the dunes was their way of pitching a tantrum about it. "FINE! We won't let anyone look there, then. Nyaaah nyaaah!"

I have a theory, one that surprisingly many people agree with: Joran took Natalee for someone else's use, delivered her, and assumed she would show up in few days like the other three girls did. Remember...the first thing ALE told Beth and Dave was, "she'll show up in a d ay or two, don't worry" and even the natives said, "this happens all the time. People disappear and show up in a day or two in a crackhouse or on the beach". When the people Joran delivered Natalee to didn't return her for whatever reason, him and daddy and his wingmen the Kalpeos needed to make a story up quick! Of course, Paulus has plenty of friends in ALE to help cover Natalee's trail and some officers were even witnessed tampering with evidence by searchers! Sadly but not surprisingly given the bad track record of honesty the Dutch government in Aruba has, these officers are still on the force, still compromising an honest investigation. Since a murder is far less shocking to Aruba and less damaging to the self-styled Dutch dictators that control all the important offices in the government than kidnapped for sex (and since elite Dutch protect their own as anyone familiar with Dutch culture will tell you), the government is all too happy to help cover this up. Nobody wins when the truth about Natalee is revealed: the Dutch in Aruba and the Netherlands face a huge scandal when their after-hours and under-the-table activites are revealed, American tourists will NEVER go back to Aruba when they think Aruba is in the habit of selling their daughters into prostitution and protecting those who did, and the organized crime elements will have to make excuses as to why they're still building hotels and casinos on a dead island- it won't be nearly as easy to launder all that money without someone getting suspicious. The people who stand to lose the most and gain the most- the native Arubans- can't or won't stand up to the Dutch slimeballs who ruined their home!

So what happened to Natalee? Well, I doubt she's been on Aruba for months now. Remember: a boat big enough to go out 2 miles to deep water can easily make it to mainland Venezuela, Curacao (where Amy Bradley was once positively ID'ed in a brothel), or Marguerita island. Hell, if the right people could arrange a trade-off, then even a small boat could meet a bigger boat out at sea and the bigger boat could take her on. Think about it, folks, and follow the logic here.

- ALE first energetically insisted that Natalee couldn't have left the island because she left her passport behind. If they sincerely believe there's ways off Aruba other than the official paths they're morons. Or maybe they think a kidnapper, a criminal working outside the law, would have required her to have a passport to kidnap her and would courteously return Natalee to her hotel to get her passport. But by insisting that Natalee never left the island, they enforce that she is dead.
- ALE leads the searchers (even their own people who took off from work to volunteer) around by the nose, one fruitless effort after another, knowing that each search took time, effort, and would hopefully wait Beth and Dave and TES out.

Think about this: each time a place is not fully searched (the landfill, the dunes, the van der Sloot property, the pond), there is some doubt that those locations might actually hold a body or hard evidence of death. I've done some research into women who are kidnapped for prostitution, and they are always told by their captors (in addition to being repeatedly abused), "Everyone thinks you're dead. Nobody is looking for you." to break their spirits. ALE is doing a similar thing to Beth and Dave, to blind them to other possibilities "You're daughter is probably dead. Ooops, no body here, but she is probably dead. Ooops, no body there either. But you know, she is probably dead..." They hoped that Beth and Dave would accept that and go away. They didn't.

-Enter the ATA and AHATA. These guys don't give a damn about the average Joe Aruban or small mom-and-pop places- they care for the big moneymaking hotels and resorts, the cruise lines, chain stores, and land developers. They hire a succession of losers and slimebags to spin the island to the U.S.: Trappenberg, Dompig for a short time, and then Aruba Steve Cohen. They figure that hey, if Beth and Dave won't go away we can at least keep the tourists coming.

- the government is more than happy to assist the ATA / AHATA too, because whatever is good for the tourism is good for the economy; what is good for the economy is good for the Arubans; what is good for the Arubans is good for the MEP. So while the ATA focuses on spinning to the U.S., the Oduber administration focuses on lying to the Arubans: the FBI thinks we're doing a good job, Natalee's disappearance is insignificant, look U.S. politicians are helping us, most Americans thinkw e've done all we can, the media is blowing this all out of proportion. All the while they understate the fact that the FBI walked out of Aruba twice in utter disgust, that the FBI (who the Arubans themselves were hoping would solve the case) can have as much or as little involvement as the government allows (no legal precedence is NOT the same as against Dutch law), that Rita Crosby and Nancy Grace both swore to keep this in the public eye as long as they could, that Beth and Dave have dozens of people helping behind the scenes, under the radar, and far from unfriendly Aruban eyes, and that there is no timetable for this to 'go away'.

The Aruban government, the Dutch expatriates who control everything in Aruba to the exclusion of the natives, and the ATA all have everything to lose and nothing to gain by solving Natalee's disappearance. But Aruba, I tell you this: Michelle is not ont only person who vows to never let this rest and to always be there for Beth and Dave. I warn you now: the time to come clean is passing. You will soon either have to expose the truth, as bad as it may be. You see, if you continually allow your government and ALE to hide the truth, when that truth comes to light Americans will always think of you as the cowards who couldn't or wouldn't stand up for an American family and against the Dutch of all people! But if Americans see you as the people who dared to demand justice and truth on behalf of one grieving American family despite the risk to you, Americans will always admire Aruban. Which do you want?

Anonymous said...

Dan, what a load of crap for someone who's never been to the Netherlands and probably hasn't met very many Dutch people in his life!

Grow up! Get a life!

Anonymous said...

There is a deep seeded truth too all what Michelle and dan in tx have said. It has come to pass that Aruba clearly does not truly wish to solve the crime.

I believe they know what has happened, where to look, who to bring down, but refuse to in the name of what?

Corruption is not a pay off, it is a one way ticket to HELL.