April 18, 2006


Karin Janssen was smiling as she emerged from a police station today but refused to say whether the judge had agreed to her request to keep GVC in custody for at least eight days while authorities continue their investigation of him in Natalee Holloway's disappearance.

Karin Janssen, signaled her agreement with the outcome of the hearing, telling reporters, "I never smile when I'm angry."

"G.V.C. is suspected of criminal offenses that may be related to the disappearance of Miss Holloway and of offenses related to dealing in illegal narcotics," the prosecutor's office said in a brief statement.

GVC's defense attorney, Eline Lotter Homan, (who was also Steve Croes lawyer!) declined to comment as she left the station.


Anonymous said...

GVC, VCB, ALE, JVS are the four corners of the Aruban corruption coverup for the elite Dutches on the island, everyone else including the American young tourists girls are their sex slaves. The secret security cameras are used to pick and stalk young beautiful blonde American girls for rapes and murders perhaps. Rapist and murderer are always of the same madman. Now we know Aruba is no happy island, it is hell. Now I understand why my daughter was changed into a zombie since returning from the Aruban trip two years ago. She said she lost some memory of something strange happened to her at C&C after a dark hair Dutch boy offered her a drink bought by another blonde hair Dutch boy. And she ended up sleeping in a cave. I encourage my daughter to speak up and blog her experiece to see if they were Joran and GVC.

Anonymous said...

When GVC wakes up this morning in the prison cell, his mind will clear up, and he will want to talk to save himself and his family members from the dangers. Joran is still in Aruba and he, Papa and JT and the whole island are planning to storm the prison and poison GVC because this is the last step of the "No Body, No Case". All the Arubans are craving in for Joran's megabuck showboat contracts. They want to have an abolute winner Joran, their hero. GVC better starts talking to Jassen and Kelly to save himself from being poisoned and dies in the KIA prison.