April 18, 2006


"Municipal Services for Management of Solid Waste, Including Hospital Waste. For disposal of solid waste, there is a 12.5-hectare refuse dump located in Parkietenbos. Different types of waste are taken to this site (refuse from homes, offices, industry, hotels, restaurants and cafes, construction and demolition sites), but no documentation is available regarding the exact amounts.

Hospital waste also is transported and disposed of in the municipal dump. Infectious waste is burned in an incinerator, which may pose operation and maintenance problems."

The above announcement has been quoted from one of the Aruban government website recently. The old incinerators were given to the Aruban Health Ministry by the old Lago Colony refinery to help to reduce the yellow fever epidemics which killed most of the island population in the 60s.

The question is that these incinerator facilities are guarded by the VCB police security company. Somebody could have abused the incinerator for body disposal.


Anonymous said...

RVW mentioned something like that in June 05. Now it becomes more clear about the doubtful nature of the VCB quasi-police security business with the ALE. Some police officer or quasi-police security worker could send the forensic evidence of a dead body to the incinerator without any recorded documentation and nobody would want to acknowlege it. Look, these oil incinerators had been modified to take and cremate the victims of the yellow fever spread in the past.

Anonymous said...

I really really feel good about going to Aruba now. Is there anyone there you can trust ?

Anonymous said...

The International School also has a co-op program at the incinerator facilities engineering shop to train their hotel maintainence program students.