April 20, 2006


ORANJESTAD, Aruba - (continued--read entire article here) ...and at least three other people were detained without being charged. Philadelphia-area lawyer (editor’s note: error--Joe is a philanthropist, not an attorney...I emailed and noted that to the publication and writer.) and Holloway family supporter Joseph Mammana said last night that he hopes the Aruban police have the right suspect this time - but he has his doubts.

"With Aruba, I take everything with a grain of salt" Mammana said. "No, I don't think they have the right guy. I know in my heart that Joran van der Sloot and father had something to do with it."

Van der Sloot, a Dutch national, was arrested in the case last year but then released for lack of evidence. Mammana said he will continue to fight for justice on behalf of the Holloway family, while continuing to raise more reward money in the hopes of finding closure for the Holloways, especially Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty.

"What we are hoping for, if this kid has any information, is to hone in on the reward money we put up," Mammana said. "In this situation, maybe the police let this kid collect the money and then he'll tell us everything."

But Mammana - who has put up his own money for the reward - said he cannot go to Aruba himself. He said Aruban authorities have deemed him an "unsavory character" and he isn't officially allowed in the country. He added, "Beth [Twitty] cannot go over there at all, out of fear for her life."


Anonymous said...

Joe M. is right. They had the wrong guy. Joran is the real criminal as the events are unfolding. GVC knows what Joran was doing and wants Joran shares his fortune with him. Joran had been boasting to all his girlfriends he will be a billionaire on all the movies and book deals with Joe Taco's help. Now GVC knows he is in the lion's den and the Sloots are going to devour him. GVC now wishes to collect the reward money and spills all the beans on the Sloots and the ALE. With Joe M. connections, GVC can do it and not be afraid of the Sloots. I think GVC somehow was able to videotape Joran taking Natalee into his house.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from Joe M. I agree with him.

Anonymous said...

just watched renfro on Hannity & Colmes. another LIE. renfro mentioned if only the ale knew about the young blonde blue eyed dutch boy a while back then they could of started to track him down instead of joran. first renfro you mentioned this blue eyed dutch boy many, many months ago. i think you are losing it girl friend. don't forget renfro you have sour grapes with Beth and Jug. keep your stories straight. i beleive Beth when she says basicly you are LIEING. aruba needs to get someone who sense on reporting, you are a joke. joran was the last seen with Natalee. he admitted it himself. joe t. is giving everyone a real line of bull here.

Serina Cruz said...

You have to admit, it's freaking hilarious that Aruba won't let him into the country!!! I guess they have higher standards than we do.

dennisintn said...

renfro is a disgrace to journalism. her "paper" is essentially a house organ for the hotels and tourist trade on the island. julia's been running itnerference for and lying for jvds since day one. i don't even want to think about the "why" of that.