April 20, 2006


You shut up! No...YOU shut up, Retard! Gee, those are real fighting words, Joran.

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Retrieved from another site so I cannot vouch for the accuracy Hat Tip: (klaasend)


D: How does it feel JoranJ with raised voice: You let my father be arrested, friend

D very calm: That’s what I say, how does it feel

J to D: You know no good that my father has nothing to do [with this]

J to D: I have read your statements, friend.

D to J: That is bullshit.

J to D: You [plural you] are lying shit.

J very calm to D: You know what happened with that girl. If you don’t know it, then nothing happened.

J to D: So fuck you.

J to D: What do you say that Freddy has to be arrested.

D to J: That Freddy has to tell the truth.

J to D: You know very well that Freddy has told the truth.

S to J: You will see, you will see.

D to J: You could have prevented it from the beginning, this, of your father.

D to J: You know it.

D to J: That he wasn’t arrested.

J to D: How hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww.

J to D: You declare shit against him.

J to D: My father only wanted to help you, friend.

J to D: Only to help you was what my father wanted. My father himself arranged your lawyers.

J to D: And this is how you pay it back?

J with an angry voice to D: I should hit you both once [een klap moeten geven].

D to J: Then try it.

D to J: You can make it better in one time.

J to D: About what?

J to D: You can also make it better.

D to J: You just have to tell the truth!

D to J: Tomorrow I’ll get my last 8 days and then I’m going home.

J to D: That’s what you think!

D to J: I’m going home!

J to D: What until I’m going to tell stuff about you! [plural you]

J to D: Then we’ll see if you [plural you] are going home!

D to J: I guarantee you.

J to D: don’t you think that the police is interested in knowing that Satish touched a girl with the car: [the word ‘geraakt’ is being used, and I translated that literally but you can use the word ‘hit’ also in the context]

S to D: He heh one [?], you let me laugh boy, just laugh.

D to J: You know dang well, you always try to put bullshit between us.

J: to D: Then you’re going to tell shit about the ChoHer [choller?]

J to D: I have helped you with that that shit of the choller friend.

D to J: And I also said that.

Part three J to D: That I have not read. I have also read that statement.

S to J: That of the chollers was from me.

D or S says to J: I have already told that before.

D or S says to J: I have also said that in my first statement.

S says to J: I said it in my own interest.

J answers back: that is what the police tells me now.

J says to D or S: Police says now to me, like, if you [plural you] go against me, I’ll go against you [plural you].

The brothers laugh: Hehehehehehehe!

S to J: We don’t put you in trouble.

S to J: We just tell the truth!

J to brothers: That you [plural you] don’t do!

J to to the brothers: The half of what you [plural you] have said isn’t the fucking truth!

J to the brothers: It will come forward.

J to the brothers: Just like they check me, they check you [plural you] also.

S to J: with us with us. Can they get evidence, but with you not [ a bit unclear: It’s: bij ons, bij ons. Kunnen zij bewijzen krijgen, maar bij jou nief]

S to J: With lies you don’t get evidence.

J to the brothers: All that shit of “Karen” all of you [plural you] don’t know of no shit.

J to the brothers: Fuck you [plural you]

D to J: You think that the girl has nothing on, you will see who fucked who (this sentence was not good to undertstand [note of the police officer])

J to D: We will see.

J to D: Hey you know when I will laugh, if I’ve given you a slap in the face.

J to D: I’ll laugh when they find the girl alive, fuck you [single you].

J to the brothers: I know very well that you are afraid.

J to the brothers: That is if you [plural you] have done something bad with that girl. Even if they find the girl, then we shall see.

S to J: I’m not afraid.

S to J: Why must I be afraid?

D to J: I want them to find the girl!

D to J: You are going to tell shit about me that I have buried the girl at fishermans hut!

J to D: Who has said about burying, I didn’t say anything about burying!

D to J: That’s what you have stated.

D to J: Stop with that bullshit!

J to D: I have said nothing about burying!

J to D: The only thing what I can think of, is that you know people that it is the people of automotive enterprises.

S to J: Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah, then I had a flit [flat] tire, right?

S to J: Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah I picked you up, right and then I went back to the beach for her.

J to S: Who has said that?

S to J: You said that.

J to S: I have never said that friend.

J to S: I have never said that you [single you] went back friend.

J to the brothers: That’s your [plural your] problem.

J to the brothers: If they find that girl, then they will see that shit.

D to J: 8 more days and then I’m going home, I guarantee you that for a 1000 per cent.

J to do D: We will see.

D to J: You don’t give a shit about your the members of your own family?

J to D: The only thing that I can think of is my family I do what my family tells me to do.

J to D: Right, retard.

D to J: Your own father, unbelievable!

J to D: Wat my father, it is your [plural your] fault that he is arrested. I didn’t declare anything against my father, you [plural you] declared against my father.

S to J: We didn’t declare anything!

J to the brothers: Or course you did!

S to J: What did I tell against your father?

J to the brothers: You [plural you] are telling that he declared, that if there is no body [lijk = dead body] there is no case or I don’t what all shit.

J to the brothers: That is totally not true, the only thing is that he said is if there is no body [lichaam = body] then there isn’t a case.

D to J: Yes, that’s true!

J to D: That’s not true!

D to J: I also said in my statement that it wasn’t meant like that.

J to D: Didn’t read it in your statement.

J to D: They use that now against my father!

D to J: We suffered a lot because of you!

J to the brothers: That’s the price that you let my father pay. That you let him suffer like that, fuck you. If you let me suffer I say ok. It doesn’t matter to me. I can just sit here for 160 days, it doesn’t make a fucking difference to me. I’m sitting good here.

Brothers to J: Me too, me too.

J to S: And you Satish, they’re telling me that you asshole, see ghosts in the [jail] cell.

J to S: They told me that you saw the girl in your cell and that you were very scared.

S to J: Me seeing ghosts? Two other boys were seeing ghosts.

S to J: You also believe the people who are here in jail.

S to J: That has nothing to do with ghosts and that is just garbage shit wat you say.

J to S: they talk good about me, but not good about you [single you].

J to the brothers: And also the two security guards, they have guaranteed me that they will kill you, if you go out of jail.

D to J: Oh yes

J to the brothers: Who has declared about the security guards, you [plural you] no tme. Why? because I don’t want to put anyone in trouble who has nothing to do with the case

D or S scream to J: That lie was for you

J to the brothers: You admitted that!

J: That lie was for you

J to the brothers: You [plural] paid him off, right?

Brothers: hahahahahaha!

J to the brothers: You said then via the telephone like, that I have the jackpot. You said now [?] through the phone, I have the fucking jackpot. You forget that the phone is tapped, right?

S or D to J: Shut your trap [hou je bek]

J to the brothers: You [singular] forget that, right retard?

J to the brothers: Then you [singular] arrive home and you [singular] say how you [singular] arranged everything. You [singular] say “I have fixed it”.

J to D: Good for you [meaning your own fault] because of you he is also in jail!

D to J: Yeaaaaaaaaahhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!

J to the brothers: [illegible, what is typed is: jucfc juflfe] man, What can you go do

D to J: What can you go do

J to the brothers make me, shut my mouth no.

Brothers say: Fuck you we don’t talk anymore with you.

D to J: You talk until you get tired.

S to D: Do you have clothes.

D to J: What am I going to do with those, I’m leaving anyway in [illegible] days.

J to D: That’s what you think.

D to J: Shut your trap.

D again to J: Shut your trap, you bitch!

D to J: Fuck your father!

J to D: If my father doesn’t leave tomorrow, then you’ll see.

J to D: Boy, shut your mouth before I hit it shut!

D to J: Do it then, you’re already in jail!

J to D: Doesn’t matter to me. They can even put me in the fucking solitary [cashot]. It doesn’t matter to me.

D to J: The’re going to give you 15 years if they find the girl.

J to D: For what, for what?

D to J: That scholarship of yours. Byeeeeeeee. You can forget it.

J to D: Yeah, by who, by you [singular], retard.

J to D: You know well that you did bad, otherwise you wouldn’t lie.

Brothers to J: aaiaaieaaieeaiee

J to the brothers: I should have killed you [singular], retard.

J to the brothers: Shut your trap!

D to J: Won’t be fun if you are standing in front of the judge of instructions tomorrow?

D to J: Why not? Too much evidence?

J to D: Then they are also allowed to hit me.

J to D: Do you think that it makes a difference to me. One slap will be enough.

S to J: You think, you think.

J to S: What do you think that you are going home to get your gun.

S to J: That I have a gun.

J to S: Satish you, get gun at home, me shoot you [plural] dead.

S to J: Look the police already went to my house and already investigated [searched] the house. Did they find a gun?

S to J: What will she get [”Wat zal zij krijgen.” The word ‘zij’ is for the word ’she’ or for ‘they’, but they use the singular verb for ‘will’, so I’m writing ’she’]

D to J: Sometimes you talk bullshit, right?

J to D: Why is that shit not true, witnesses saw you [singular]

S to J: In the end we will see, who gets out and who stays.

S to J: You tell the truth, we shall see.

J to Brothers: I know that I’m gtting out.

Brothers: We shall see yeah yeah yeah.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why the media keep calling these SECRET tapes. They were in a police car being transported by COPS. There were COPS in the front seat WHILE the three were having this conversation. Beside the comment from Jossy that the police believe they knew they were being taped... THE KNEW THEY WERE BE HEARD BY THE COPS IN THE FRONT SEAT. Yeah. Big secret.

Anonymous said...

In reading between the lines, the conversation betweeen these three criminals was a staged job intended to mislead the ALE. Even the burial was a lie, there was no burial, the body went straight to the incinerator. Joran was so sure about the "No Body and No Case" conclusion as told by Paulus. The "shit" Joran said about the girl meant "ashes". And that's why he is so happy to give so many interviews. He is not afraid of anything. When Joran got out of prison, Paulus proved to Joran the body was incinerated. Everything had been taken care of. And Natalee will never be found but ashes. Boycott Aruba! Justice for Natalee.

Anonymous said...

This shit is funny, they're like 3 stooges out there

wiscbelle said...

J2K and Paulus really need to be brought back for questioning. Bring back Steve Croes. Hell, bring Mommy Sloot in too. We all heard it straight from the horses mouth....Joran says that his father told the boys "if there is no body, they (police) have no case." This is one reason Paulus was brought in originally. A judge/judge in training cannot give that advice! What an idiot he is! No wonder he couldn't pass to be a judge.
Sounds like K2 paid someone for an alibi about the Holiday Inn. Steve Croes.
What's the deal w/ Satish hitting a girl w/ the car? Is this why Deepak wanted to keep Satish out of the picture. To keep him out of trouble for a past incident? Who is Automotive Enterprises?

Marcia livorini said...

Mark Geragos was inteviewed by the LA local station here and said that this tape does more to exonerate these boys than anything else. Said that joe Tacopina should send flowers to whomever leaked it because it's exculpatory. Also said he's notified Joe Tacopina about defamation suits against the Holloways and offered him the name of an attorney in Miss and one in Ala who are chomping at the bit to get started on this case! The reporter asked why all of a sudden the world is picking on Beth Holloway. Geragos said "Her fifteen minutes were up a long time ago, It's about time the truth came out!" Sounds like he doesn't like Beth either. Why?

Anonymous said...

What was the comment about "you have clothes"?

Josephina Lilloi said...

A lawyer or a judge in training is allowed to give legal advice. That' what they do. It's perfectly ethical and it's done every day. My father and mother are judges in Manhattan and my husband's a criminal defense attorney. He advises my 16 twin sons and their friends ALL the time. It's been OK'd all the way up the line. This is just be a good parent if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Mark Geragos would run a mile to catch a camera or a high rich profile case.. He also said Scott Peterson sure looks guilty until he was called to be the lawyer for him then he was innocent. I'm sure Geragos is still out there looking for those homeless people who harmed Natalee.