April 20, 2006


In 1996, a young 17-year old Canadian girl went to Bermuda with her friend and her friend's family. She was tragically tortured, beaten, gang raped, sodomized, stabbed, and murdered. It was considered one of the most horrific crimes ever on Bermuda. Turns out Bermuda has some very similar characteristics as Aruba.

(Source) "The entire police investigation was criticized as inadequate and prosecution decisions were condemned as inept when one man was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge and the other was acquitted on a questionable ruling by the trial judge.

Bermuda has not regarded it as a crime so inhumane that the killers deserved the maximum penalty. The men who raped, sodomized and racially murdered Becky have not been banned from entering Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom or Europe."


Anonymous said...

The tragedy is a loud and clear message about awareness and safety, especially for young white beautiful girls traveling aboard.
The Caribbean men are attracted to Canadian and American young women for their Voodo religion and rape, murder, and cannibal rituals. It is an awakening call for those high school seniors going aboard on their trips, get drunk, hang out with but their friends. By paying attention to their surroundings and follow the tips and guidelines to better protect themselves on international travels. It is a simple safe thing like knowing what time a bar or nightclub closes before you get there.

Anonymous said...

The civil lawsuit will stop Joran from entering United States for life as a punnishment.